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New Pop Up Blind: Ameristep Silent Brickhouse

The modern pop up blind provides today’s hunters with effective and portable concealment. They set up and tear down fast, delivering the ability to hunt with confidence from nearly any location. It’s why many serious deer and turkey hunters have at least one of these blinds in their arsenal. SIX TOP...

Deer Vasectomy News

How Much Do Deer Vasectomies Cost?

A deer management program that involves performing vasectomies on thousands of Staten Island whitetail bucks is grossly over budget and is only wrapping up year two of a three-year program.
CWD Numbers Spike

CWD Spikes at Wisconsin Deer Farms

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) has plagued Wisconsin deer farms for years and last year’s near-record rate has officials concerned. In 2017, the fatal disease was confirmed in 60 deer that were raised in captive deer operations. This marks the first time in 11 years that the state has confirmed this many...

Hunting Accident

Hunting Accident: Charges Against New York Man Dismissed

It seemed like a hard and fast case: hunter shoots neighbor while hunting after hours. Neighbor dies. Hunter is convicted. Or is he? Not in the case of a New York deer hunter who shot and killed his neighbor last November after legal hunting hours had ended, thinking she was a...

Minnesota Deputy Denies Hunting Over Illegal Deer Feed

Minnesota Deputy Denies Hunting Over Illegal Deer Feed

Two years after a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) officer discovered evidence of deer baiting, a Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office sergeant has been charged. Sergeant Tim Bennett pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor of “hunting with the aid or use of bait in connection with the incident."
Maryland Man Convicted of Poaching 17-Point Buck

Maryland Man Convicted of Poaching 17-Point Buck

A Maryland crossbow hunter was recently convicted of trespassing on posted property to poach a “mega-buck.” The 17-point buck, which would have been a new Boone & Crockett state record, was killed by Ronald Wayne Roe in September 2016.
Find More Deer Shed Antlers

Top 10 Strategies to Find More Deer Shed Antlers

When you're ready for winter to end so you can get out and hunt for deer antler sheds, you want to make sure that you don't waste precious miles and time searching in the wrong areas. Be sure to read through these 10 deer antler shed hunting tips from an expert...