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Southeastern Oklahoma Booner

The opening of the Oklahoma muzzle loader season is always great. This year's hunt was the best ever for me. My climbing stand was perched 18' up in an oak tree overlooking a river bottom full of post oaks that were loaded with acorns. Between being entertained by a small doe,...

Buffalo County Monster

I shot this buck on October 28th at about 5:30 PM. He came in and made a scrape and i let him have it at 20 yards. Surprisingly he ran 250 yards and we finally found him. He green/grossed 170 2/8 and I am extremely happy with him!

Monster PA 10 Point

Shot this monster right about a half hour after I got into my stand. Had to wait about 5 minutes before I could get my shot off, but it was worth the wait. He only made it about 30 yards and dropped.

Name: Michael O'Brien
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania