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GEB  Buck in food plot

Fencing Options for Better Deer Food Plots

As gamekeepers we constantly preach about the importance of spring and summer nutrition for whitetails. There are huge upsides for your deer herd when they are provided quality high protein groceries during the growing months. Anyone who has tried to grow a small food plot of soybeans, lablab or other highly attractive warm season annual...

DEER  doe with fawns via Minnesota DNR

More Deer Sighted After Mild Winter

Reports of good white-tailed fawn numbers are coming in as a milder winter and a conservative approach to the 2014 hunting season are already starting to show results. Mid-summer reports from Minnesota wildlife managers around the state place the overall deer population recovery on solid footing. However, during the 2015 season, conservative population management...

Dan Schmidt Texas deer

Intense Whitetail Management: South Texas Lessons, Clues for Trophy Buck Potential

The white-tailed deer’s popularity is especially augmented by its adaptability and abundance. This malleable herbivore is not only abundant, but it also can live just about anywhere — from our back yards to the deep, dark forests of Canada, providing sportsmen ample and affordable hunting opportunities. By Bob Zaiglin Although the whitetail has always...