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When you're through hunting, it's best to uncock your crossbow.

Making the Move from Rifle to Crossbow

Fate’s whimsy introduced me to the crossbow. Last November I was a guest at the Hixon Land and Cattle Ranch near Catulla, Texas, invited by Steve Hall, Hunter Education Coordinator for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, to participate in the 2015 IHEA-USA Heritage Hunt. Shooting a crossbow was one of the activities at...

Whether you're grilling venison or beef, make the best burgers possible!

Grill Magic: Make Your Venison the Best

There’s nothing better than firing up the grill and gathering family and friends to give thanks for what nature has provided. The cookout tradition lends itself well to celebrations and making life-long memories with those who mean the most to us, so why not take advantage of that as much as possible? Baking or frying meat...