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Bear pro staffer Brian Otto with his 11-point double drop buck, which was killed with his Bear 59 Kodiak.

Trying Traditional: Five Things to Know About Traditional Archery

Traditional archery’s experienced a renaissance of late, with seasoned archers seeking an added challenge that turns even does into a big reward, and others simply looking for a simpler bowhunting experience free of technological clutter. By Patrick Meitin Companies such as the venerable Bear Archery Products and Howatt/Martin, Hoyt and myriad custom makers are...

Kentucky is one of the country's top states for producing big bucks.

Top Deer Hunting State Proposes Big Fee Increase for Non-Resident Hunters

One of the country’s top destination states for deer hunters seeking big bucks and elk is considering a sizable increase in its non-resident fees, although state officials classify the recent proposal by its wildlife commission as “modest.” Here’s the press release from the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department: The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission...