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The Horton Storm RDX is a reverse draw bow with a trim profile and lethal power. Reducing vibration is key to diminishing sound. As such, don't forget to add noise dampeners to a wide variety of the crossbow's components, such as the foot stirrup and bolt-retention spring.

Which is Best for You: A Conventional or Reverse Draw Crossbow?

Conventional- and reverse-draw crossbows differ in more than just appearance. Here’s what you need to know to become an informed crossbow consumer. Among the first considerations made when selecting a crossbow involves its draw design. That is, whether to choose one with a conventional or reverse draw. Both types of crossbow have design-specific advantages;...

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The Facts and Truth About Culling Bucks

Culling is the selective removal of presumably inferior deer in order to improve the quality of the remaining population. Among whitetails, the culling harvest strategy generally involves targeting those bucks with inferior antlers for removal to improve overall antler quality of those left to do the breeding and for harvest at an older age....