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A turkey's beard, as seen on this strutting gobbler, is believed to influence the sexual preference of hens. Perhaps bigger is better? (Photo: John Hafner)

The Turkey Has Landed

  On June 20, 1782, the U.S. Second Continental Congress established the bald eagle as our national bird, chosen as a symbol of virtue, purity, innocence, power, bravery, justice and perseverance. Founding father Benjamin Franklin venomously disagreed with the choice, taking a dim view of what he considered the bird’s bad moral character and lack...

Venison Burgundy Stew CanCooker

The Magic of Venison Stew

Something about a savory stew warms the heart and soothes the soul. Maybe it’s the ingredients — meat tenderized by a few hours of simmering, hearty vegetables taking a natural place alongside the feature meat, a thick and rich broth that ties all of the flavors together but doesn’t overwhelm them. Maybe it’s the...

GEB  Buck in food plot

Fencing Options for Better Deer Food Plots

As gamekeepers we constantly preach about the importance of spring and summer nutrition for whitetails. There are huge upsides for your deer herd when they are provided quality high protein groceries during the growing months. Anyone who has tried to grow a small food plot of soybeans, lablab or other highly attractive warm season annual...