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Spook Span Pleads Guilty To Poaching

William “Spook” Spann, a well-known bow hunter, age 50, from Dickson, Tenn., pleaded guilty at U.S District Court in Kansas City to illegally killing a trophy Kansas deer in 2007. A court press release stated Spann admitted to harvesting the buck in Stafford County on property he did not own. His permit for that...


Hunters Harvest more than 86,000 Deer

COLUMBUS, OH – Hunters enjoyed great weather as they harvested 86,964 white-tailed deer during Ohio’s traditional week-long deer-gun season, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ (ODNR) Division of Wildlife. The harvest yielded an anticipated slight decrease of 3.7 percent from 2011, when 90,282 deer were checked. “The traditional deer-gun week is enjoyed...

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Video: Giant Ohio Buck

Deer & Deer Hunting reader Joe Godar shot this incredible buck in Ohio on Nov. 9. He sent in this video along with a note that the buck unofficially scores 223 inches. “I’ve enjoyed your shows for years,” Godar wrote. “Now I have the deer of my lifetime.”  


Game Department Will Use Electronic Deer Checks

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission Tuesday gave final approval to an electronic reporting system for hunters to check harvested white-tailed deer and wild turkey, a program that has operated on a trial basis since April. Dubbed CheckIN Game (, the online system was used by approximately 2,000 hunters during the spring turkey season, and...

Charlie Alsheimer killed this great buck on Nov. 17 as it "dog-trotted" two does around a food plot.

The Northern Whitetail Rut: Where We Stand

  Rut prediction analysis and hunting tips for the remainder of the season. By Charles Alsheimer   I received an email two nights ago from Wayne Laroche (he’s hunting in northern Maine) asking for my assessment of this year’s rut — specifically he wanted to know if I thought the majority of the breeding...

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Deer Rifles: Buying Used Guns

Used guns can offer a tremendous value for hunters who are looking for a deal. However, the old adage applies: Buyer beware. Here are some tips for shopping for a used deer rifle or shotgun. By Bryan Hendricks Buying a used rifle carries a certain amount of risk, so inspect carefully. Pitting reflects chronic...


DNR Updates Hunters On Sweeping Changes

In July, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s office released an independent report by “Deer Czar” Dr. James Kroll. The report brought about plenty of criticism from within the state (See D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s thoughts HERE), but regardless it called for some major changes in deer management in the state. The following is the DNR’s...


Giant City Buck Photographed

For the past few years, a small, sleepy town in north-central Wisconsin has been haunted by a ghost — a giant buck that stalked the parking lots and roadways just inside the city limits. As rumors of the buck grew, locals began to whisper about sightings of the buck. Now, we have photo confirmation....