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Author Joe Shead is a former managing editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. He has found sheds from Alabama to Alaska from several big-game species. His articles can be found on our website in the shed hunting section, and his website Get his book and two DVDs in this collection.

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Find More Shed Deer Antlers: Bedding Areas

There's still plenty of time to search for deer antlers this spring before the heat, green and bugs of summer take over and you'd rather be sitting on a beach or in a boat than hiking through the woods. As you hunt the woods for sheds and scout along the way,...

Where to Find Deer Shed Antlers: Feeding Areas

Where to Find Deer Antler Sheds: Feeding Areas

One of the first things a shed hunter realizes about searching for deer antler sheds is that you’re charged with covering an infinite amount of space with a finite amount of free time. No one has time to look by every tree, the trick becomes maximizing the time you have by focusing...

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Shed Hunting: The 4-Point Shed That Grew From the Ground

Antlers are already dropping and some shed hunters are having some early success. Whether or not you plan to get out looking for antlers right now, it’s a good idea to at least get out and scout. Drive around and observe where you see deer right now, particularly antlered bucks. Just...

Shed Hunting: Expert Tips on Where to Look

Recently, shed hunting has grown from a simple scouting tool to a sport all its own. Just as field trials, sporting clays, and trap and skeet shooting have spun off of bird hunting, shed hunting has become its own pastime, a profit center, a bridge between hunters and nonhunters and even...

Shed-Hunting Lessons

The Things You Learn About Deer While Shed Hunting Will Not Only Help You Find More Sheds; They'll Help You Tag More Whitetails.