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Kristen writes articles on hunting, wildlife, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and environmental issues and her articles have appeared in National Geographic, Modern Farmer, Deer & Deer Hunting, Food Politic, Mother Earth News, Modern Hunter, Utne Reader, Vermont’s Local Banquet, and Urban Times. Kristen and her family moved away from metropolitan Detroit and into the Green Mountains of Vermont for a realignment of priorities and a focus on family and sustainable living. A new bowhunter, Kristen recently completed a DVD entitled, “Beginner’s Guide To Archery For Women” that is now available for pre-order at She is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

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Intro to Archery: Deer Signs

I walk my dog every morning down the rough dirt road that remains unplowed all winter. Edged in wild blackberry bushes, the road slopes into a rough two-track with rocks the size of small boulders that will rip tires if you aren’t careful. It’s my favorite place to walk. Sometimes it’s nice to unplug...

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Intro to Archery: Processing Venison Yourself

I bought another chest freezer yesterday in anticipation of the upcoming bow season. We’ve had an incredible garden harvest this year – our first big garden haul ever – and I’ve processed summer squash, zucchini, peas, kale, corn and tomatoes – and still have more to do. Yet both the freezer in the house...


Intro to Archery: Where the Urban Deer Roam

My inlaws live in the middle of suburbia surrounded by a large metro park. Their backyard is proof that urban deer exist, and exist in higher numbers than some may think. Don’t believe me? Then check out this out: No need to rub your eyes or pinch yourself. That really is four bucks milling around...

Target practice with my furry assistant, Mackinac.

Intro to Archery: Practicing for Fall Deer Season

It is hard to believe that in only a matter of weeks summer vacation will be officially over and my daughter will be back in school. While the days have mostly been sunny and warm, the mornings are crisp and hint at a change in temperature just over the horizon. I’ve been focusing on...


Intro to Archery: Food Plots and Trail Cameras

Summer has finally arrived here and we’ve embraced the sudden surge of warm weather, spending most of the day outside – swimming in our pond, working in the garden, practicing with our bows, and prepping our property for the upcoming deer season through cultivating food plots and setting up trail cameras. Earlier in the...

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Intro to Archery: Visit your local archery shop

Everyone should find a local archery shop that they like. Yes, big box stores sell bows, arrows and other equipment, but there is a huge difference between the two – and it’s not something that you may realize until you take the time to walk into your local archery shop. To be honest, when...

First day of 2014 bow season!

Intro to Archery: Updates to Vermont’s archery deer season

I wasn’t the only bowhunter in Vermont last season interested in seeing some changes. In fact, beyond the proposed extension to the season, other topics like legalizing crossbows, bag limits and using deer urine-based scents and lures were heavily debated over the winter. And after multiple meetings and discussions, it looks like there will...