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Kristen writes articles on hunting, wildlife, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and environmental issues and her articles have appeared in National Geographic, Modern Farmer, Deer & Deer Hunting, Food Politic, Mother Earth News, Modern Hunter, Utne Reader, Vermont’s Local Banquet, and Urban Times.Kristen and her family moved away from metropolitan Detroit and into the Green Mountains of Vermont for a realignment of priorities and a focus on family and sustainable living. A new bowhunter, Kristen recently completed a DVD entitled, “Beginner’s Guide To Archery For Women” that will be released this fall through F&W Media.She is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

Tree stand loaded and waiting. We had to clear some small bushes and trees before getting it up.

Locavore Blog: Setting up my first tree stand

Tree stands are heavy. And they come with a lot of different parts. Two things that longtime hunters already know, but for someone just starting out, these two factors may influence where you choose to build yours before actually attaching it to the tree. Or, if you’re like us, you may want to have...


Locavore Blog: Can GMOs Affect Deer?

GMOs are a rather complex and uncomfortable topic especially when you start looking at the effects of GMOs on wildlife and on deer. As someone who studies nutrition and health in relation to food and food sources, GMOs are a slippery slope — and one that I readily agreed to research in relation to...

New office location complete with morning archery practice.

Locavore Blog: Beyond Archery Practice

I’ve always been an active person. My old desk job kept me stuck inside more than I wanted to be and weekends back in the city were filled with errands, laundry, and maybe a bit of leisure time if we were all caught up. Country life is filled with opportunities to spend full days...

Hurricane Bag target stops the arrow with a resounding thwock!

Locavore Blog: Archery Practice

I’ve been practicing a lot. Every day I’m outside, bow in hand, field arrows at the ready, and I can feel myself improving. The funny thing about this journey of learning archery is how intimidated I was in the beginning and how that intimidation is starting to slip away as I realize more and...

This is after the second pass. He ended up going over the garden spot about four times.

Locavore Blog: My first food plots

Spring may be late this year, but it’s definitely here to stay. And it’s about time since we have a garden to get ready and food plots to plant. Our property is bordered by a variety of flora and fauna and the landscape varies from field to brush to forest to pond, so we’re...

Rouge, our new Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Locavore Blog: Nutrition for Hunting Dogs

When we bought our property in Vermont, we knew it was time to get a dog. We wanted a dog that could help manage our property, keeping predators at bay and also act as a good hunting dog and great watch dog. We went back and forth between Labradors and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers before...

michigan deer

Locavore Blog: Preparing for Deer Hunting

How do you prepare for deer hunting? No, really, I’d like to know. Part of me is excited and part of me is incredibly intimidated as I work through learning archery in time for the upcoming fall season. It’s not the issue of actually killing the deer for meat (although at the actual time...

edit 1 2014_04_20_0319

Locavore Blog: Chasing the Arrow and Other Archery Terms

Thumbing through back issues of Deer & Deer Hunting, I find myself stumbling over terminology related to archery, bowhunting, and rifle hunting – all words I need to start familiarizing myself with for my future goal (and also so I sound like I know what I’m talking about). Considering that I didn’t grow up...


Locavore Blog: Look What Showed Up on My Trail Camera!

We moved to our property last August. It was previously someone’s vacation home (and if you’re going to buy a house, let it be in a location where someone wanted to vacation). Our closest neighbor (which isn’t that close) is located up a mountain that overlooks our pond in one spot and from her...