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Kristen writes articles on hunting, wildlife, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and environmental issues and her articles have appeared in National Geographic, Modern Farmer, Deer & Deer Hunting, Food Politic, Mother Earth News, Modern Hunter, Utne Reader, Vermont’s Local Banquet, and Urban Times. Kristen and her family moved away from metropolitan Detroit and into the Green Mountains of Vermont for a realignment of priorities and a focus on family and sustainable living. A new bowhunter, Kristen recently completed a DVD entitled, “Beginner’s Guide To Archery For Women” that is now available for pre-order at She is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

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Intro to Archery: Social Media and Hunting

Social media is powerful. It’s pretty hard to disagree with that, but I also see social media as a way to promote false courage – especially when comments are hurtful or abusive. Users often seem fearless because comments can be made under pseudonyms or fake accounts. As a woman who hunts and actively talks...

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Intro to Archery: Technology and Hunting

The amount of technology infiltrating the hunting industry is ever expanding. What once was different sized fletching or unique radioactive pin sights now has given way to full fledged computer technology in our hunting equipment. Everywhere I turn, there is some new gadget or device touted as the next big “game changer” that will...

Getting serious (2014)

Intro to Archery: Springing into my second bow season

Last year, at this time, I was so anxious and eager to get outside and start practicing with my new bow. After deciding that 2014 was the year I would start bowhunting, I was sized up for my first bow only for temperatures to plummet and snow to fall until it was up to my waist...


Intro to Archery: Scent Control for Women by Women

A deer trusts its nose above anything else. In fact, researchers at Mississippi State University recently found that a deer’s sense of smell can be 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human’s. Scent control is a basic tenant of bowhunting and bowhunters typically wash hunting clothes in special detergents that eliminate scent...


Locavore Blog: Turning Deer Hides into Buckskin (photos!)

This weekend we started the process of turning the two deer hides from this fall into buckskin. Thanks to the knowledge of our friend, Kenneth Mulder, our two hides will transition from slightly shedding raw hides to soft and pliable buckskin. Our other friend, Jim Harding, is also learning with us. Buckskin is different...

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Locavore Blog: Creating an Indoor Archery Range

After receiving 15 inches of snow for Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a warm up over Christmas that meant temps in the high 40s, melting snow, muddy roads, and a break from trekking through knee deep drifts just to get the mail. We took advantage of the warmer weather to cut, split, and stack wood for...


Locavore Blog: Year in Review

It’s amazing how much change can happen in only a year. Just look at me – I am the perfect example. A year ago today I was sized up for my first compound bow. I remember how excited and nervous I was to head out to the archery shop, having zero idea what to...