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I'm an Active Duty Army Officer who takes every chance available to get after whitetails. I've been bow hunting for 25 years and filming for 5 of those. I'm a current pro-staff member for Work'n Class Whitetails and hunt mainly in KS/MO and back home in NH/VT whenever I can. I also have experience hunting in TN, AL, WY, ID and TX.

Bucks like these will move quickly when food is depleted...a lesson I learned the  hard way this year.

New Year’s Resolutions

Well, that dreaded time of year is upon us where we recover our gear, revel in our successes afield and think about the opportunities missed and how to capitalize on them in the future.  Although the doe season is still alive and well here in Kansas, I’m already scheming for next fall and looking...

It takes a bit of discipline to ensure safety when in pursuit of game.

Discipline and Complacency in the Deer Woods

In the military, we are drilled from day 1 to “do the right thing when no one is looking, ” and follow regulations, checklists and manuals in order to see that our work is done correctly.  Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations, especially as pertains to safety, can lead to catastrophic equipment...

After hundreds of hours of scouting and hunting this buck, I finally hit paydirt.

A Long Time Coming…Kansas GIANT on the Ground!

Two weeks ago I had the incredibly good fortune to take a world class buck in the Sunflower State.  In over 25 years of hunting, I’ve never had the luck and circumstance to have an opportunity at taking such an animal—here is the story: On the 20thof September, I was checking my trail cameras...