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Fight Over Deer Puts Hunters in Hospital

How's this for a headline? "Two injured in melee over deer carcass."

Fighting buckIt's sad but true to report that the Pocono Record ran that headline Oct. 9 here. The two individuals injured were, unfortunately, hunters.

According to...

Take Care When Using Crossbows

A bow-hunter killed this buck near Pipe, at the southeastern corner of Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. D&DH is trying to contact the bow-hunter.

What is known right now:

* It was killed this week.
* It has 15 points.
* The spread is...

Photo: The Corn Thief

This was sent in to the D&DH office by a reader. It needs no explanation, but it just might be the best deer photo of the year.

The corn thief

When a Lease Replaces Permission to Hunt

by Zack Groet, D&DH Subscriber

Growing up in western New York, I was fortunate enough to grow up in hunting family. This was especially true for deer hunting. We were also very fortunate that my dad had permission to hunt an old farm right across the country road from us.

Photo: Double Does

Double goes from Minnesota

Paul Krueger, left, is one of D&DH's web prostaffers. He and his buddy, Rick Burmeister, doubled on these does while bow-hunting in Minnesota last week.

Congratulations, guys!