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Are Food Plots the Same as Baiting?

“Food plots are not the same as baiting!” “Any idiot can dump a bag of corn on the ground and kill a deer!” “Food plots are the thinking man’s way of saving the whitetail planet!” For the love of gravy, people, let’s stop kidding ourselves. We don’t need to conduct a...

Fruit Tree Care and Maintenance

Now that you have your trees in the ground, be sure to give them proper care so you protect your investment and get the most of the trees when harvest time comes. Remember, deer love soft mast, and you can easily provide it by planting your own "fruit-plot" orchards.

Deer Taxidermist is Scapegoat in Tennessee

Not sure that we can call what happened this week to a Tennessee taxidermist fake news, but it sure seems pretty appropriate. The headlines are being plastered all over social media as we speak: MAN CHARGED FOR ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF WHITETAIL DEER FROM CWD POSITIVE STATES! Not too many news sources...