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Today's modern hunter may use everything from a modern sporting rifle like this one to a traditional bow, wearing performance clothing or old school wool. Today's hunter spans the gamut.

In this Incredible Age, What Defines the Modern Hunter?

What best defines the modern hunter? I’d argue it’s not really a question of who he or she is, but rather when he or she lived. Every generation has had its rendering of the modern-day hunter, dating back to prehistoric times, when early man embarked on the hunt with primitive weapons in search of food for...


The Matt Serwa Buck: 200-inch Wisconsin Monster

Matt Serwa wasn’t necessarily surprised when a nice buck showed up on his trail cameras last summer. The 35-year old Hatley, Wis., resident and his family had been managing their hunting property for several years. Their hard work on improving habitat and nutrition, combined with some true commitment to trigger control, had let several...