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Deer Talk Now

Expert Secrets on Sanctuaries, Security for Your Deer

Veteran big buck hunter Don Higgins believes in providing sanctuaries for deer because it gives them security, comfort and keeps hunters from bothering them when the sanctity of the area is preserved. If you’re limited in the amount of land you own or hunt, don’t fret. There still may be a chance to give...


Gutless Field Dressing of Your White-Tailed Deer

Field-dressing a deer after a successful hunt sometimes can be a chore, but this super video can have you literally bagged and headed for the house with minimal effort. Randy Newberg and On Your Own Adventures compiled this instructional vid showing a gutless method for cutting up and bagging a deer. You probably could...

Deer Talk Now

When You’re Deer Hunting, Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

We’re not perfect when we’re hunting white-tailed deer, and sometimes that can mean a blown hunt. But veteran big buck hunter Steve Bartylla says don’t be afraid to fail. Get Ready for the Big Bucks! If you’re itching to hunt big bucks, then this great value pack will help you be more successful. It...

Giant buck

Scrape Secrets For Hunting Your Biggest Bucks

Just because you haven’t seen any scrapes yet doesn’t mean bucks aren’t making them or won’t be curious. Get in on the action by creating a great mock scrape! You’ll get the attention of bucks, and maybe does, too, and improve your hunting success.