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Deer Talk Now

Expert Secrets on Sanctuaries, Security for Your Deer

Veteran big buck hunter Don Higgins believes in providing sanctuaries for deer because it gives them security, comfort and keeps hunters from bothering them when the sanctity of the area is preserved. If you’re limited in the amount of land you own or hunt, don’t fret. There still may be a...

Deer Talk Now

When You’re Deer Hunting, Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

We’re not perfect when we’re hunting white-tailed deer, and sometimes that can mean a blown hunt. But veteran big buck hunter Steve Bartylla says don’t be afraid to fail. Get Ready for the Big Bucks! If you’re itching to hunt big bucks, then this great value pack will help you be...

Bullet Performance

Must-See Video: Bullet Impacts, Wound Channels

Do you know what your hunting bullets do when they hit a big game target? Sure, they deliver energy and help you have a successful hunt if you make an accurate shot. But have you ever seen the bullets and the devastation they do upon impact and afterward? It’s pretty amazing....

Deer Talk Now

Make Your Venison More Flavorful, Tender

Instead of grinding everything into burger and sausage, wild game chef Scott Leysath has some suggestions for making your venison taste better. How? By better preparation and a little tenderizing. Leysath also has some insights on field dressing, shanks, herbs and marinades, and more. Be sure to check out this episode...

Texas 6

Huge Texas 6 Point

Trent Marsh of Hawke Optics took this video of an outstanding 6-point buck during a Texas hunting trip in 2012. It’s always cool to see deer and wildlife, and this is one great buck!