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Ted Nugent: The Music Made Me Do It Album

Nugent: Backstrap Fever!

When Ted Nugent swaps a bow for a guitar, that fiery flow of deer hunting throttles forth, manifesting in songs of the wild, and the upcoming release of "The Music Made Me Do It" shows that in song, spirit and passion.

Nugent: October Like You Mean It!

As October throttles on and wildlife activity increases exponentially, nothing says Happy Fall like October weekends in the deerwoods, bow and arrow in hand and spirit soaring on high.

Nugent: My Dream Gear

Find that gear that is best for you and have the greatest hunting season of your lives. Make that extra effort to introduce some new people into this incredible outdoor hunting lifestyle.

Nugent: I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Us

As we celebrate all that is good about the 2018 hunt season, never forget about the bad and the ugly that is making life miserable for our fellow hunters and be willing to stand up, raise hell and keep conservation the science that it is supposed to be.
Nugent: Archery & Bowhunting Basics Reminder

Nugent: Archery & Bowhunting Basics Reminder

With summer dragging on and most prime hunting seasons still a ways off, this continues to be the perfect time of year to continue to hone our aim small miss small reasoning predator skills for that magic fall season of glee that will be here before you know it!