Nugent: I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Us

As we celebrate all that is good about the 2018 hunt season, never forget about the bad and the ugly that is making life miserable for our fellow hunters and be willing to stand up, raise hell and keep conservation the science that it is supposed to be.
Minnesota Deputy Denies Hunting Over Illegal Deer Feed

Minnesota Deputy Denies Hunting Over Illegal Deer Feed

Two years after a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) officer discovered evidence of deer baiting, a Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office sergeant has been charged. Sergeant Tim Bennett pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor of “hunting with the aid or use of bait in connection with the incident."

Of Deer Bait, Minerals, Food Plots and Petty Ethics

I’ve touched on this topic previously at this blog, but today’s visuals help drive the point home a little more clear. I’ve long-held the contention that anyone who argues against baiting for deer — yet plants food plots or maintain mineral sites — are hypocrites. Plain and simple. What’s more, anyone...

Citations for Illegal Baiting Hits Record Level

As the number of citations issued for deer baiting has reached an all-time high, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds Minnesota deer hunters to review regulations before heading to the field this fall. Changes in the regulations last year affect penalties for deer baiting, which continues to plague the...