big bucks

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., with his giant buck that came from the "family blind."

Green Bay Brute Buck Tops 206 Inches

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., just thought it was a nice buck. He had no idea the brute carried more than 200 inches of dream-conjuring bone. He would soon learn that the long-legged monster embodied the very essence of his deer-hunting dreams.

Arthur Zerbe of Pennsylvania with his 208-inch buck he killed during the 2016 bow season.

Pennsylvania Buck Grosses Astounding 208 Inches

Pennsylvania ranks high in hunter enthusiasm, with more than 750,000 deer hunters in the woods during firearms season alone. Arthur Zerbe, a 68-year-old native of the Keystone State, is one of those fanatic deer hunters, but for the past 50 years he has mostly slipped into the woods near his Lancaster County home armed...

Ron and Caleb Morris with the 180-class Illinois buck they found after Caleb ran it over while snowmobiling. The buck was dead and buried in the snow when Caleb hit it. (photos courtesy of the Morris family)

Snowmobiler Lays Claim to 180″ Illinois Buck

  When Caleb Morris, of Amboy, Ill., was launched from his snowmobile on Nov. 20, 2016, after hitting a hard object buried under the 10 inches of recently fallen snow, it was safe to say he was thrown for a loop. Thankfully, Caleb and his snowmobile were no worse for the wear. When he returned home,...

Steve Bartylla experience has given him plenty of successes and failures to learn from.

Big Buck Secrets is Packed with Great Deer Hunting Insight

While there is a wealth of available knowledge on hunting trophy bucks, very little of this information actually comes from someone who hunts in the same places, or even the same conditions, as their audience. Because of this disparity, it often becomes unrealistic to follow this type of how-to information, as little of it...

Stephen Tucker of Gallatin, Tenn., dropped this potential world record nontypical buck with his muzzleloader. It green scored just over 308 inches and is undergoing the mandatory 60-day drying period for official Boone & Crockett Club scoring.

B&C Confirms Largest Hunter-Killed Nontypical Whitetail

The Boone and Crockett Club has reviewed and accepted the scoring of the nontypical record book buck killed in November 2016 by Stephen Tucker in Tennessee. Tucker shot a 47-point buck that scored 312+ on the third day of Tennnessee’s 2016 muzzleloader season. He was hunting from a ground blind on private land that...

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Big Buck Sheds Both Antlers on Film!

Hey everybody, check this out. It is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen come across my desk in a while. Jeff Enns posted this on YouTube a while ago, but we first saw it now. He writes: “Here is a mule deer buck that I have trail cam videos and videos of in...

Brooke Merrill with her buck that almost caused her to miss her bridal shower!

She Almost Missed Her Bridal Shower for This Great Buck!

The bridal-shower crisis actually began six years earlier when Brooke started dating her now husband, Daniel Merrell. Daniel, an avid hunter, asked Brooke to accompany him on a hunt as an observer, and that first year he tagged a buck. By the third year, she wanted her own chance at a buck. “I was...

George Splawn of South Carolina with his fine buck, only his second ever after rekindling his love of the outdoors following a long break in adulthood. (PHOTO: George Splawn)

Love of the Woods, Deer Hunting Relaunched with Success

Sometimes things happen that may put our hunting on a hiatus and then we get back to it later in life. While some of you may be reading this and thinking, “Heh, there’s no way in Hades that EVER would happen to me and MY hunting or fishing,” well, think again. It happens often...


Understand Deer Better to Make the Most of the Rut This Season!

Because normally secretive and wary bucks have the tendency to become careless and more visible during the rut, this time can be one of the most exciting of the hunting season to kill a trophy whitetail. This period can be a chaotic and unpredictable time in the field due to hunting pressure, weather conditions, and...