Big Racks: The Johnny King Buck


A replica of the Johnny King Buck

A mount of the Johnny King Buck displays a replica of the contested antlers. (Photo by Shane Indrebo, courtesy of

On Nov. 18, 2006, avid whitetail hunter Johnny King of Mt. Horeb, Wis., shot a massive 12-point buck the likes of which were almost unparalleled in the annals of deer and deer hunting. As a straight 6-by-6 typical with no additional abnormal points, the great rack grossed more than 220 inches, a milestone few typical big racks in history have attained. Some even said it could be the next world record whitetail deer for typical bucks.

Yet, some 4½ years later, the rack remains in relative obscurity. In a time where antler scores and big racks are the Holy Grail to most avid whitetail fanatics, how could this happen to what could be the next world record whitetail deer? How could Wisconsin, with a rich history of big racks and proud producer of the former world-record James Jordan Buck, let a deer like this slip through the cracks?

The answer is perplexing and, in a way, maddening. For King, life will never be the same. Here, in a Deer & Deer Hunting exclusive, is his untold story.

Inside you’ll find …

  • Exclusive video interviews with Johnny King recounting his fateful hunt.
  • In-depth explanation behind the intimidation tactics used on B&C scorers.
  • Reaction from DDH experts on why this incredible buck deserves a second look.

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