blacktail deer

Uncle Ted with a super blacktail buck from a hunt several years ago in California. Wow!

Get Outside the CrazyCities for California Blacktail Dreaming!

Raised in the historical whitetail bowhunting epicenter of Fred Bear’s Michigan “Up North” big timber country, my youthful vision of deerhunting was limited to my homestate species for many years. And quite honestly, if a guy never hunted anything else, our happy whitetail hunting cup would runneth over with total satisfaction and predator glee....

Blacktail Deer Oregon

What’s Killing These Deer Again?

A disease that last affected large numbers of black-tailed deer 10 years ago is believed to be the cause of another outbreak. Officials with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife believe that adenovirus has killed several black-tailed deer found dead in a few Jackson County communities. The virus occurs naturally. Officials told the...