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Ted Nugent still supports Mitt Romney, even though Romney is lying

Life Should Be a Series of Bullseyes

God I love my life! Never a dull moment I assure you. Still recuperating from and wallowing in the over the top happiness from the highest of highs of the greatest hunting season of my life, and continually testing myself each day with post double knee replacement surgery pain management, (OUCH!) I am now...

According to cementum annuli aging, this Pennsylvania buck was 8½ years old when Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams (pictured with his daughter) shot him.
High hunter densities in the area typically prevent bucks from reaching half of that age, which makes it a truly special trophy.

Learn Food Sources for Better Whitetail Deer Hunting Success

  Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book. Certified Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams is extremely familiar with the Northern Woodland region. “This subgroup is one of my favorites thanks in part to my time spent as the Deer & Bear Biologist with the New Hampshire...

Albino Deer

Just How Rare are Albino Deer?

Not all deer are born equal. Especially the ones that stand out like beacons in the night! Here’s a look at what just might be one of the most fascinating deer roaming southeastern Wisconsin this spring. by Daniel E. Schmidt These very cool photos today come compliments of my niece and her husband, Andrea...

You can't whack 'em if you don't practice. Practice!

The Best Practice On Earth for Deer Hunting Success

It was another one of those magical, very special Saturday afternoons on a beautiful, warm, sunny summertime day in the 1950s. I hadn’t reached the age of 10 yet, but my total addiction to tromping the woods and the mystical flight of the arrow was irreversible. By Ted Nugent Dad was taking me into...

Home-grown chicken is good, but wild venison sure seems a whole lot more appealing. (Reid/DDH photo)

Locavore Blog: Why I Want to Hunt Deer

While there is a ton to learn about archery and bowhunting, I don’t want to lose sight of the real reason behind my desire to learn to hunt my own food – and hunt deer – and the connection between local food and wild game. I recently wrapped up a graduate class that covered...

Stan Potts studies aerial photos religiously and puts boots on the ground to target big bucks.

Potts Pours Over Aerial Photos, Then Kills Giant Bucks

The core premise of the Whitetail SLAM is to travel in search of whitetail hunting opportunities, and to prove that you’ve got the chops to successfully harvest whitetail bucks in vastly different areas. Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from the book, which has information from...

Some Northern deer hunters will be hard pressed to see adult bucks in the next few seasons. In some areas, three entire age classes will be affected by the past two brutal winters. (D&DH photo)

Deer Hunting Predictions for 2014 and Beyond

If you thought last year was slim pickings for seeing adult bucks on the land you hunt, you’re probably not going to like what’s in store for this year and beyond. Deer and Deer Hunting Editor Dan Schmidt provides his predictions for Northern whitetail hunters for 2014 and beyond. As we exit our worst...