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Yowza! What a nice buck!

Dig Deep for the Ultimate Reasoning Predator Within

Greetings to my venison BloodBrothers once again on yet another glorious summerday July 24, 2014 in America, on my Uncle Ted NugeBlog #47. I suppose we should stop meeting like this, but hey, who would want to tamper with such a wonderful unprecedented communication opportunity like this where the greatest hands-on conservationists in...

Kristen DDH March 2014_3p

Locavore Blog: Field Dressing, A Story

Once upon a time before we decided to move to Vermont and I decided that I wanted to hunt my own deer, my husband and I used to drive about five hours north of where we lived in southeastern Michigan so he could hunt on his family’s rural property. This property was purchased by...

Ted Nugent Axis Buck

The Nonroad Untraveled is More Fun Than The Road Less Traveled

Thank you Lord, and thank you America once again for this incredible American Dream beyond any dream I could have ever dreamed of. Rock-N-Roll and hunting defines my life beyond God, family and country, but quite honestly, my dynamo passions of hunting and music actually fulfill my obligations to The Big 3. I see...

Earrings made from deer hide and gem stones.

Locavore Blog: Using the Whole Deer

I mentioned last week that I’m interested in possibly processing my deer myself — along with the help of a few friends that have done it before. I’m not entirely sure why I feel this way, but it is definitely something that I’m considering. Much of my rationale behind wanting to hunt is because it...

Wild venison is the missing link for many of today's locavores. There's nothing more satisfying than preparing a dinner that you completely grew and/or harvested yourself. (photo by Dan Schmidt)

3 Ways Shot Placement Affects Venison Quality

The quality of your venison is a direct result of the care you take (or don’t) after the animal is down and while you are processing the animal at home. However, did you know that the it’s equally important to take care before the shot and during the trailing process? Here’s a few tips...

Ted Nugent

Uncle Ted’s Mailbag: Keep Striving to Overcome Bowhunting Frustration NugeBlog #45? Are you kidding me? So you expect me to believe that a guy who is on tour, not just any tour, but without question the most demanding, brutally draining nonstop rock-n-roll blitzkrieg tour of alltimes, conducting lengthy media interviews everyday, doing children’s and military charity stuff, writing articles for more than...

Lunch break! Archery practice on a sunny afternoon.

Locavore Blog: Summer Days Tick Tock Toward Deer Season

Summer in Vermont means that nature is no longer on the cusp, but instead, in full force. Wind rustles the full green leaves of maple and beech trees; rose petals finally uncurl after the harsh winter; apples are appearing on our trees. It means that the goose family finally has goslings that are rapidly...

Barbecue done right! It doesn't hurt to have some great sides, either.  (photo by Dan Schmidt)

How to Make the Best BBQ in a Smoker

This Fourth of July weekend featured perfect weather, which gave me the opportunity to try smoking for the first time — smoking meat for barbecue, of course! Seeing that we blew through all of our prime venison roasts this past winter and spring, I decided to break down and buy a Boston pork butt...