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Nugent: The Big Bang Ain’t No Theory!

Let us celebrate the most beautiful ballistic freedom soundtrack cacophony known to man! The glorious Opening Day of firearms deerseason wherever and whenever this wonderful day may occur is the day of days for American deerhunters across the land of the free and home of the brave!

Nugent: DeerCamp 2018

We all love to hunt and we cherish everyday afield. But when you can share these special times with like-minded conservationists that dedicate their lives to God, family, country and wildlife, the intensity of every hunt crescendos to a higher place.

This is What Causes Small Antlers in Bucks

Small antlers in bucks is something that’s hotly debated by deer hunters. Some hunters believe it is purely related to nutrition, while others believe it is purely related to minerals (or lack thereof) in local soils. Both can have factors on antler development, but a larger role is attributed to something...

Nugent: Tips for Successful Bowhunting

Nugent: Tips For Successful Bowhunting

Here are a few tips from a lifetime of bowhunting that will dramatically improve your odds of filling your freezer with sacred venison. None of them have anything to do with gadgets or technology. That stuff won’t — doesn’t — matter if you fail to diligently practice the proven fundamentals.
Ted Nugent Buck October 2018

Nugent: Ultra Alive Full Time   

We are so very lucky to be hunters, because as we manage the resources that give us life, we are simply way more alive than those that do not. Be as alive as you can be in everything you do. Say a prayer for the wildthings and the wildthings will fan the flames...

3 Reasons to Hunt in the Rain

  Should you go deer hunting in the rain? Wet, drizzly and otherwise dreary weather that comes with October and November can be some of the best times to be out in the deer woods. Here are the 3 biggest reasons why. 1. Reason to Hunt Deer in the Rain: Sight...

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Five Tips for Managing Buck Fever

Your pulse quickens, your heart pounds and you begin to feel out of breath. Your hands and arms shake. Do you know this condition? Of course you do, it's buck fever. Here are five tips to help you combat buck fever this fall.

A Delicious Deer Camp Distraction

    You might have heard me say this 100 times already, so consider this #101: Northeast Wyoming is bowhunting nirvana if such a place exists. The whitetail hunting in this region of the Cowboy State is phenomenal, but so is just about everything else. You name it, you can bowhunt...