Cody Miller with his Big City buck shot during an early November bowhunt.

The Chase Ends for Big City

In autumn 2016, Illinois had been experiencing above-average high temperatures for the last few months. The most recent information I obtained from trail cameras, showed a lot of morning movement when the temperatures were cooler. On Nov. 6, I knew it was that time; I just had that feeling as temperatures were projected to...

Ted enjoys visiting with fans wherever he goes and talking with them about the outdoors, hunting, fishing, guns and America.

National Rifle Association Membership Says it All

Millions and millions of American families are celebrating the amazing springtime spirit of renewal like they mean it! Fresh fish filets and wild turkey breasts are cooking all across the land, along with those incredibly scrumptious morel mushrooms, wild scallions, leeks, fiddle-head ferns and some early wild berries. Wild asparagus will sprout soon and...

Yes, this IS as good as it looks. Be careful not to overcook it. Wild turkey gets tough when you leave it on high heat for too long. (photo courtesy of Tracy Schmidt)

Turkey Recipe Bonus: A Hawaiian Delight

There’s a good reason why the founders of Deer & Deer Hunting expanded the brand in 1991 and started up Turkey & Turkey Hunting: There’s just too much great-tasting wild game out there to eat nothing but venison year-round (although most of us try!). I had a hunt for the ages yesterday. In the morning,...

Kristen Klovenski with her buck, Big Boy, which she'd been watching via game cameras before getting a shot at him in November 2016 in Grimes County, Texas.

Years of Patience and Hard Hunting Finally Pays Off

If you’re looking for a hunting story that waxes poetic about a glut of carefully managed trophy bucks pursued by even more careful hunters, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere. This tale takes place in gritty Grimes County, Texas, a nondescript area in the eastern part of the state where giant bucks...

Ted with kids at indoor bow shoot helping them learn about archery and the fun of shooting a bow.

Teach the Children Well

As the Nuge prepares for his 27th annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity events this summer, he reflects on how exciting it is watching young kids across America take their first shot with a rifle, fling their first arrow and learn the real world nature lessons of honest to God conservation.


Varmint Control Is a Conservation Responsibility

Political correctness and its inherent scourge of dishonesty and denial are bad and dangerous wherever you find them. When people living in Detroit can spew their comfortable disconnect and resultant ignorance about wolves and other predators to determine varmint control policies in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula wilderness, you know you are asking for trouble. The...

Terry Wolf with Twin Towers, which provided him quite a challenge to study and hunt.

Pursuit of Twin Towers, Buck of a Lifetime

My mother-in-law always said things happen for a reason.  I help out one day a week at a nearby farm to secure exclusive hunting rights on their 200 acres. I had a commitment to work on the afternoon of Thursday, October 20, 2016, however, the landowner canceled it for a later time. With my...