Bowhunter’s Monster Buck Shatters State Record

After watching a buck for two seasons, Earl Stubblefield of Mississippi figured he’d see it grow into a much better deer this year after another summer of food and maturity.

Man, was he right!

earl-stubblefield-oxford-ms-bow-buck-recordStubblefield arrowed a giant 12-point buck on Oct. 8 when it came under his stand and walked to 27 yards. He had photos of the buck on game cameras the last two years. This summer he had a few more, only a dozen or so, but the giant walked right in front of the camera and made Stubblefield’s eyes pop.

He told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger that he put out some more cameras, hung stands and then left the area alone. Two fruitless hunts didn’t deter him. Stubblefield returned Oct. 8 for an evening hunt, watched some deer for a while and then had a smaller buck and the giant walk under his well-placed stand.

The whopper green scored at 180 7/8 inches (gross) and 179 1/8 (net). Ronnie Cannon, a certified scorer from Oxford, Miss., put the tape to it. The buck had 27 1/4-inch main beams and G3 and G4 tines of more than 9 inches each. The based were a huge 5 1/8 inches!

It will be officially scored after the 60-day drying period. But it’s doubtful that minimal drying will affect the final tally, which is 5 7/8 inches better than the current state record.

What a buck! Congrats!


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