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Celebrate 9-11 for All the Right Reasons

Practice, stealth, having your bow set up right all are part of becoming an effective and better hunter.

Practice, stealth, having your bow set up right all are part of becoming an effective and better hunter.

A very happy, glorious and stimulating September 11, 2014 to all the deerhunting families of the world from the Nugent family!

By Ted Nugent

Thank you everyone for the exciting hunting reports from around the world that I receive on a daily basis. A huge Nuge CongratSalute to all you successful hunters out there with your early season whitetails, mule deer, Coues deer, moose, caribou, wild sheep, mountain goats, bears, hogs, alligators, exotics, doves, teal and squirrels and all the always thrilling game critters big and small.

I also thank you very much for sharing your photos and stories on my Facebook page. If ever there was the perfect application of this new hyper-techno social media, it is surely the sharing of the hunting adventures as the ultimate celebration and promotional tool for our sport.

If you want to see the absolute commonsense support for our sport, witness the millions of people on my Facebook that know that hunting is the definitive hands-on conservation and environmental perfection that it is. And of course in this sad and pathetic fundamental transformation culture war, though painful, it is even more fun to witness the terminal de-soulling of our species as the nasty, hating, phonics-challenged animal rights freaks spew their insanity how they believe BBQ is murder.

No really; there really are a gaggle of braindead mentally deficient weirdo’s out there who actually think hunting is not only wrong, but is actually murder and should be banned.

There is no intellectually honest way to explain that, but I certainly get a huge kick out of such bizzarro comedy from such bizzarro goons.

Good Lord, is this hunting lifestyle the killercool of all lifestyles or what? Keep it up, please.

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is a vibrant celebration of the outdoors!

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is a vibrant celebration of the outdoors!

As you read this deeranddeerhunting NugeBlog#54, I am flying high over the flyover hinterlands of America’s heartlands, on my way to the 26th year celebration of our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity event in Yankton, South Dakota.

Along with the incredible successes of our Nebraska, Iowa and Colorado TNKFK events this year, this National Field Archery Association sponsored event will once again continue to change and upgrade thousands of families’ lives as they dive deep into the physics of spirituality that is the hunting, fishing, trapping, great outdoors lifestyle.

Once again, a gargantuan salute and thank you to all the volunteers and 1000s of families who support this great children’s charity. And of course another giant salute to all sporting manufacturers who donate so generously and help in so many ways.

The term BloodBrothers says it all. Godbless and Godspeed the Spirit BloodBrothers.

Not only will I get to hang out with all these great families and kids and visit the amazing new National Field Archery Association museum in Yankton, but I also get to hunt the early deer season in Nebraska plus celebrate the joys of hunting doves, grouse and teal with my beloved Labradors Gonzo and Happy. I like so many of you out there cannot imagine a life without our dogs.

As if all that excitement isn’t enough, I get to hunt and hang out with a legendary gentleman by the name of Dick Mauch. Like the names Fred Bear, Roy Case, Ed Bilderback, Howard Hill, Ben Pearson, Glenn St. Charles, Gale Martin, Bob Munger, Doug Walker, Pete Shepley and so many great founding fathers of modern day bowhunting, the name Dick Mauch should be right up there with them.

Fred Bear and Ted Nugent

Fred Bear and Ted Nugent

Dick was one of Fred Bear’s earliest partners in the original Bear Archery company, and this old guy is a walking, talking, breathing hunting library of those earliest days of the rebirth of the bow and arrow as a legitimate hunting methodology.

With his lovely bowhunting wife Carol, they still live the bowhunting lifestyle in the rolling sandhills of Nebraska. We will stay in the same Plum Creek cabin where Dick, Fred, Ed Bilderback, Glenn St. Charles, Nickerbocker and others bowkilled some monster whitetails and mule deer trophies back in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

I am very excited to film interviews with NFAA president Bruce Cull in their new museum, and an in-depth probe of Dick’s eyewitness account of those magical, adventurous early days of bowhunting history in America and beyond.

I look forward to sharing a report of this dream trip with you next week.

As always, life is full of good, bad and ugly. Always charging forward to maximize the good, we nonetheless cannot deny the bad and ugly. And on this date in 2001 and again in 2012, Americans were slaughtered in this insidious war on terror.

Many of our fellow hunters were afield in pursuit of our ultimate happiness on those days, and the memories remain horrific and painful.

We should all pray with everything we have in hopes of not repeating those 9-11 tragedies. The best way our prayers will be answered is for we the people of America to diligently demand preparedness, military strength, and real American leadership and accountability from our president and all our elected employees whose number one job and duty it is to protect America and Americans.

Godbless America, Godbless Americans, and good hunting to you all.

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