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Celebrate Hunting Like You Mean It!

Mule deer like this one, whitetails, exotics ... there's always time for high intensity hunting!

Mule deer like this one, whitetails, exotics … there’s always time for high intensity hunting!

Happy 42nd annual National Hunting and Fishing Day America! Celebrate it like you mean it! Raise hell, raise awareness, raise knowledge, raise cane, but whatever you do, speak up and raise the national dialog on this very important day that does not get anywhere near the attention and honor it deserves.

By Ted Nugent

This Saturday, September 27, 2014, marks a momentous occasion that is our day. Way back in 1972, spurred on by a new wave of upstart conservationists, then President Nixon signed into law the National Hunting and Fishing Day proclamation, and instantly wildlife loving patriots everywhere joined in to make it a national day of outdoor recreation celebration.

President Nixon put it like this; “I urge all citizens to join with outdoor sportsmen in the wise use of our natural resources and in insuring their proper management for the benefit of future generations.”

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Coming fresh out of a catastrophic wildlife mismanagement period where wildlife populations were dangerously low due to runaway unrestricted and indiscriminate marketing slaughter, dedicated sporters stepped up and came to the realization that what appeared to be a virtual unlimited pipeline of game numbers, was in fact finite in its capability to rebound from such a slaughter.

Scientific based restrictions were set in place in the form of limited seasons, bag limits, weapon restrictions, hour restrictions, species specific restrictions and an overall annul harvest program to make sure we didn’t ever do to any other wildlife what we did to the American bison and other game.

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer HuntingIt wasn’t long before wildlife populations rebounded, and pretty much the good old days of hunting in North America have been with us for a very, very long time.

With more deer, bear, cougars, turkey and geese than ever in recorded history, plus the highest bison, grizzly and elk populations in more than 150 years, there is surely much to celebrate for those of us who respect and cherish these critters and our natural predator/prey relationship with them.

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As we celebrate this very sacred time of year, where these game animals provide such immeasurable quality of life and excitement and sacred protein for our families, it is more important now than ever to spread the goodword and promote our hands-on hunting lifestyle to everyone we know and meet everywhere we go.

I know I often sound like a broken record (broken record? What is this broken record of which you speak, old guitar player backstrapper?) but with the scourge of political correctness and all the lies and scams that go with it, educating the masses by promoting the truth about the perfection of hunting, fishing and trapping is more important than hunting itself.

Check out Ted’s campfire version of his popular song, Fred Bear:

This absurd politically correct cult of denial we so much around us these days has indeed weaseled its way into every state game department and regulations, and unless we all raise as much hell as we can to correct them, things will simply not be the best that they can be when it comes to recruitment and retention of hunter numbers, revenues generated to support the game departments and the critical value of increased family hours of recreation.

A great example of how raising hell can upgrade hunting conditions was the example in Nebraska this year to open their archery deer season on September 1st instead of waiting for the 15th.

Not that big of a deal you might say, but those early season weather conditions could lure in some new hunters who don’t necessarily enjoy those colder months ahead.

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With bear hunting over-restricted in so many states by disallowing bait and hounds, tax dollars are wasted hiring government hunters who end up using bait and hounds to kill bears that we sporters could have and should have but weren’t allowed to.

Same goes for cougars, elk, deer and other game where restrictions eliminate family hours of recreation and turn wildlife resources from assets to liabilities for no good reason whatsoever.

And the banning of crossbows, lighted nocks, trailcams, the use of bait, etc., etc., are all so nonsensical as to be embarrassingly laughable.

Except I’m not laughing. But some animal rights goon is, while so many of us do nothing to correct it.

Ted Nugent loves bear hunting and got this bruin a couple of years ago. Rugsteaks!

Ted Nugent loves bear hunting and got this bruin a couple of years ago. Rugsteaks!

Our BloodBrothers in Maine are waging a life and death war with the scam artists of the Humane Society of the United States, a criminal scam gang if ever there was one. The scammers have taken on a fake title to appear to be pro-hunting, when in fact anyone against the use of hounds and bait for bear hunting is pure 100% animal rights anti-hunting freakzoinds.

Know it. Write it down.

A 22 year old Rutgers University student was attacked, mauled and killed by a black bear in northern New Jersey recently. This predictably occurred in a no hunting preserve with a known dangerous black bear population of more than three bears per square mile. All experienced bear biologists will tell you that 1 bear per 2.5 square miles is a manageable number.

NJ game department knew this, they failed to demand a proper bear hunting season, and the kid is dead.

Florida has had more than 6,000 nuisance bear complaints in the last few years, yet the educated wildlife biologists there fail to demand a season.

Lunacy runs amok.

If ever there was a primary duty of we the people, it is to better communicate with our elected officials and demand the elimination of all non-scientific gamelaws.

If it ain’t science, it’s got to go.

I’m in the glorious UP of Michigan right now with a bear permit in my pocket, two grouse and woodock feisty Labradors in camp and my son Toby at my side.

I hope you are all hunting hard and smart and here’s to the greatest hunting season of our live. Hunt, fight, live! Godspeed backstrap BloodBrothers, Godspeed.

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