Chiggers are the Evil Spawn of Satan and Hate Deer Hunters

I don’t believe I have the words in a polite vocabulary to adequately describe the depth of my hatred for chiggers, also known as redbugs, spawn of Satan and some other choice words that might make sailors blush.

Chiggers are predatory mites. (Photo: Wikipedia/Alan R. Walker)

Chiggers are predatory mites. (Photo: Wikipedia/Alan R. Walker)

Honestly, I think I’d rather be freezing cold or so sweaty that my pants sag than to be bitten, bothered, pestered, attacked and aggravated by chiggers. For you folks who live in parts of the country where you don’t have chiggers, you’re blessed. I know everyone has something: Ticks in the Northeast, black- and yellow-flies in the Northeast and upper Midwest, rattlesnakes and tarantulas in the South, liberals on the West Coast.

(Well, it’s true. There are liberals on the West Coast.)

So when I noticed Jon Brunson’s post on Facebook about being eaten up by chiggers during the Kansas youth hunt with this family, I sympathized. Here’s what he wrote:



About 10 years ago I went hog hunting in late spring, laid down to take a nap in a shady spot by a field and never thought a lick about chiggers. At 2 a.m. that night I awoke clawing and scratching my entire body from neck to ankles and all points in-between. I looked like I’d been peppered with bird shot.

It took months, not days or weeks, for all of the welts to finally go away. Chiggers do not crawl into your skin. They bite, and an enzyme they use to digest and feed on your blood results in a reaction that itches, turns hard and red, and is the welt we agonize over for a few days. The drugs, potions, lotions, oatmeal-bleach-kerosene baths or whatever else is your favorite to use to get relief, well, good for you. Everyone is different in that regard and what might work for you may not for someone else.

Brunson, I feel for you, man. I know. Those little $#*(@$#(* are evil, evil, evil.


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One thought on “Chiggers are the Evil Spawn of Satan and Hate Deer Hunters

  1. whitecanoe

    I could not agree more about chiggers/redbugs being the ‘spawn of Satan’. In addition to using permethrin on my clothes before the hunt, I wash in a mild bleach solution AFTER he hunt. Bleach wash & then shower with soap & water and you will not have any problems with chiggers.

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