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3 Best New Trail Cameras for Deer Hunters

Trail cameras sure have come a long way since those early models from the mid-1990s. Today, we can use cameras to not only census our deer populations, we can use them to capture video and track weather trends vs. deer movement.

Selecting a specific camera for your needs can be easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy in the fact that numerous models are available at all price points. It’s difficult in that, let’s face it, there’s almost too many options.

I’ve been testing three models since last hunting season, and all three have performed nicely.

Stealth 1

•Stealth Cam’s G30.
Stealth Cam is back, and in a big way. The company unveiled several new models earlier this year, including the G30, which is a really cool, little trail camera. What I liked best about this camera is its Quick Set pre-programmed options. This makes setting up the camera super easy.
Verdict: This camera is virtually idiot proof and captures high-quality images.
The G30 retails for $159.99.


•Cuddeback Attack.
Cuddebacks are known for top-quality nighttime images, and this model lives up to that reputation. The camera achieves this through a Xenon strobe flash from a 1.5-inch tube. The flash allows for great nighttime images from up to 100 feet away.
Verdict: This model had the best trigger speed of all the cameras I tested.
The Attack retails for $199.99.

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•Browning’s Strike Force.
Another really cool camera. It has a fast trigger; takes night photos via IR, and also has a video option. A burst mode allows for rapid photos of a deer that might be walking fast past the camera. My favorite photo from last fall was the one shown here of two bucks fighting.
Verdict: This camera was a battery miser. Incredible cold-weather performance.
The Strike Force retails for $149.99.

My only real complaint with all three of these cameras, is the date/time stamp is inconsistent. If I didn’t re-set them, I’d get really wacky data on my images, which can be noticed in the sample images here. The only way around it was the re-set the cameras every time I retrieved the SD cards.


Browning camera

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