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Antler Collector Silent in Marc Anthony Deer Controversy

Thousands of loyal Deer & Deer Hunting fans have been waiting patiently for the next shoe to drop over the Marc Anthony deer controversy since learning of the famous hunter’s trials and tribulations on this website more than two weeks ago.

Anthony has gone silent since commenting on the situation days after it was exposed on Facebook — and so have some of his outers.


by Daniel E. Schmidt

The Marc Anthony Illinois deer controversy is a sad example of many things, including an alleged attempt on Anthony’s part to fool American deer hunters into believing he was a man among boys, so to speak, when it came to outsmarting giant white-tailed bucks.

But this story involves a lot more drama on many more levels. Take his biggest accusers, for example. Now suddenly as silent as the accused himself.


At the forefront of the breaking story was a well-known antler collector by the name of Mike Charowhas of Kansas. He got the ball rolling by posting a photo of a rack he claimed to have owned in 2008.  Most antler experts will agree it is the same rack that was on the deer Anthony claimed he shot in Illinois in 2010.

Anthony, a world-class taxidermist who also specializes in antler repair, was a regular contributor to North American Whitetail’s website. The same website that now has an “exclusive” video of him talking about the deer and when he killed it (the video was produced several years ago). That website removed all of his articles and mere mentions of his name shortly after Jeff Lampe broke this story on May 3.

Despite knowing the precise month and day that he bought the rack in 2008, Charowhas is now telling NAW he can’t remember when he “sold or traded it.” Charowhas claims that he deals in so many whitetail antlers that it’s hard to keep tabs on which ones he’s owned or not.

Let’s get this straight: A whitetail fanatic — who is such an antler geek that he can immediately recall the configuration of a rack that he owned six years ago AND recall the precise date when he bought the near 190-class typical whitetail rack — now doesn’t remember when or how he got rid of it?

Something doesn’t add up, but we’ll continue to track this story for you.

Charowhas has declined our requests for interviews.


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