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Are you ready?

I just realized archery season opens tomorrow in North Dakota, and I see Manitoba
started Monday!

I wonder how many velvet-racked monsters have already hit the ground?

We still have a little more than two weeks to go here in Wisconsin.
How long do you have to wait?


D&DH Managing Editor
Jacob Edson

One thought on “Are you ready?

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    We still have a full 30 days until bow season but we are having an early private land doe only gun hunt in September. I have notice today that the four bucks I have on my property have all shed their velvet. Yesterday three of them were full velvet, tonight they were glowing white. My location is southern Michigan so I’m curious if anyone finds it a bit early for the velvet to be gone on August 31st?Posted by: John Darrah

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