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Best Crossbow Scope: Reviews Speak Highly of Hawke XB

If you’re new to crossbow hunting and aren’t quite sure what to do about getting your bow topped with a scope, here’s some advice that can save you time and money in the long run.

When looking at any optics, the key is to go with a scope that ensures reliable adjustments. Shooting a crossbow consistently accurate requires a quality product mounted securely to your rig. It also helps to have multi-coated glass and a wide field of view.

Hawke XB Scope

Hawke XB Scope

Hawke Optics offers all of this plus dual red/green illumination in their XB Crossbow scope. The 1-inch optics feature a mono-tube design that provides stability and durability. Multi-coatings mean the lenses will be clearer and provide for low-light viewing. What’s more, the wide-angle capabilities help you can on target faster in split-second close-range encounters. In fact, in a recent field test of five of the best-known brands of optics, the Hawke XB finished in first place. The shooters commented how the scope performed head-and-shoulders above the competition when it came to target acquisition. The only negative feedback came from a few shooters who did not like the “yellowing” that occurs through the scope during low-light shooting conditions. However, all things considered, this was said to be a minor inconvenience when compared to the accuracy and performance.

Make no mistake, crossbows dish out a lot of punishment shot-after-shot. The recoil and vibration will break down a cheaply built scope in no time. These Hawke scopes are not only waterproof, fogproof and shock-proof, they come with a very respected guarantee from the company.


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  1. DavidDuValle

    Great post. It’s not really much of a suprize that I came to similar conclusions on my blogpost about low light crossbow scopes and the Hawke XB30. Seriously good piece of kit at a price that rocks.

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