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Best Deer Hunters Don’t Forget Their Grunt Calls

Jordan Olson of Wisconsin with a Big Buck

Jordan Olson used a series of buck grunts to lure in this Wisconsin 9-pointer. (photo courtesy of Jordan Olson)

Some of the best stories and deer hunting tips that we receive here at the Deer & Deer Hunting headquarters come from our loyal customers. There is nothing quite as satisfying as to hear about and see the photos of all the successful hunts you all are experiencing.

We will be sharing more of these stories in the coming year, including this memorable note from Wisconsin’s Jordan Olson, a diehard bowhunter who sent us this note last year after he bagged his best buck to date.

Jordan wrote:

“I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and turned on The Weather Channel and learned it was supposed to be a WSW wind and it was only about 36 degrees out! Awesome hunting weather, I think. So I got my stuff ready and headed out to my grandparents’ house. When I got there, I put my hunting stuff on and started walking to my stand. Once I got into the woods I noticed two fairly good-sized rubs that were fresh. That’s when I started thinking this might be the day. I

“I walked to my stand, hung up some scent wicks with Wildlife Research Center Special Golden Estrus on them. Then i walked back to my stand and put my bow on my pull-up rope. I was just about to climb my tree when i thought i heard somethin so i waited and listened for about a minute. Once i didnt hear anything else i climbed to my stand and looked up and — wouldn’t you know it — there’s a nice buck walking broadside at 60 yards! So I quickly pulled up my bow, took off the rope, nocked an arrow and grabbed my grunt call. I hit the grunt call twice, and the buck stopped and looked my way. He then started angling up my direction but I knew he wasnt gonna be in range so I grunted again. That’s when he turned and walked right to me grunting and licking his lips the whole way.

“At a mere 10 yards, he looked up at me and I thought the gig was up, but surprisingly he put his head down and walked right infront of me broadside at 10 yards! I drew back, settled my pin and he stopped behind three small saplings. Luckly for me there was enough room for the shot.

“My Bear Archery Strike sent my Maxima Hunter arrow and Rage broadhead through his shoulder and bounced off the opposite shoulder. He ran about 75 yards and dropped in the brush! So when it was all done, i spent only about 5 minutes in the woods before the shot! He’s a 9-point with a 16 inch spread. My best bow buck to date!”

Awesome deer, and great success story, Jordan!