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Bobcat Kills Deer in Road While Driver Watches

It’s rare to see nature’s harsh predator-and-prey relationship play out in front of your own eyes, but that’s exactly what happened on a paved road in Nevada recently. Thanks to the quick photography actions of an onlooker, we get a glimpse at these stunning images.

No, it’s not a whitetail, but we thought this Facebook message was something we had to share with all of the Deer & Deer Hunting fans out there.

Jeremy Loncar shared these photos of a bobcat killing a mule deer with us today on Facebook. He writes:

“Here is something you don’t see every day. I have even heard some people say it simply doesn’t happen. Well here is proof for those individuals. These pictures were submitted to us by a Nevada miner headed to work and witnessed this right in the middle of the road.”

Many folks thought this might be a lynx. It’s not, as they are not found in Nevada. Here’s more info from the Nevada Fish & Game Department:

“The bobcats of Nevada are composed of three races. All species appears twice the size of a domestic cat. The bobcat’s fur is a dappled or mottle of brown and tan fur with white belly and dark markings. Often the cats have noticeable tuffs of fur on the ear tips. The tip of the tale is black. The three races are noted by their more general color shades as gray (lynx rufus pallescens), darker color (lynx rufus californicus), and reddish coloring (lynx rufus baileyi). Bobcats are digitigrade, meaning they walk on their toes, and have sharp retractable claws.”

For more photos and information, check out the Sageline Outdoors Facebook page.

With the mule deer tired, the bobcat goes in for the kill.

With the mule deer tired, the bobcat goes in for the kill.


Bobcats, like coyotes, often kill their prey through suffocation.

The bobcat showed no fear of the human onlooker.

The bobcat showed no fear of the human onlooker.


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