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Celebrate St. Hubert: The Patron Saint of Hunters!

St. Hubert of Acquitaine. (photo by Jim Stevens)

St. Hubert of Acquitaine. (photo by Jim Stevens)

In 1744, the Catholic Church canonized and venerated St. Hubert as the Patron Saint of Hunters and Butchers. Today, the day celebrated every Nov. 3. Here are some quick facts about the man who was a deer hunting fanatic long before anyone thought of using a tree stand or compound bow.

by Daniel E. Schmidt

Happy St. Hubert’s Day to everyone. Did you know that St. Hubert is the Patron Saint of Hunters and that today, Nov. 3, is his day? Not that you asked, but here are some side notes concering our Patron Saint of Hunting that you might not know:

• St. Hubert was born into the deer hunting splendors of court circles in the middle of the 7th century, the son of the Royal Duke of Aquitaine.

•He was responsible for the most famous deer hunting miracle in the history of Western civilization when he converted to Christianity on that legendary hunt in the Ardennes Forecst in 685 AD.

•Legend states the Hubert was on horseback when his hounds cornered a massive buck in a clearing. He came to full draw and was a moment away from unleashing an arrow when he was nearly blinded by a vision of a glowing crucifix between the buck’s antlers. Then, from the stag, a voice spoke, “Unless you turn to the Lord, Hubert, you shall fall into Hell. Repent or be doomed!”

•Hubert repented, of course, and made it his life’s work to seek out hunters and preach in remote Belgium camps during hunting season.

I know this history all too well. You see, I was born in raised in Hubertus, Wisconsin, a town that was named after Saint Hubert after Catholic priests carried a statue of the Blessed Mary to what became St. Hubert’s Catholic Church I believe in the 1840s.

My brothers, sisters and I attended first through eighth grade at St. Hubert’s Elementary School … the very same school where in April 1981, I wrote a theme paper for my English class. The assignment was to write a few paragraphs on “what we wanted to be when we grew up.” In my paper, I wrote how I wanted to become the editor of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

It took me many years of schooling, college and journalism-related work, but I made that dream come true 20 years ago last month. I would like to think that St. Hubert has been watching over me all that time, too.



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