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Cool Video: Four Fawns Attack Mother Doe!

What a cool video! Check out the scene as a white-tailed doe nearly gets mugged by four hungry fawns!

We get the question a lot here at Deer & Deer Hunting: Will a white-tailed doe nurse fawns that aren’t hers?

The typical answer is “no,” at least not for prolonged periods. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t happen, because — as evidenced in this video — it most certainly does. This doe, in fact, was nearly mugged by what appear to be three fawns that aren’t hers.

Whitetail fawns do not imprint on their mothers as closely as other wild animals do to their mothers. Evidence of this loose bond is seen in cases like these where a fawn will attempt to nurse any doe it comes across. Fawns are also known to imprint on bucks, domestic sheep, dogs and even humans. When a fawn is hungry, it will try to get a free meal in anyway possible.

Thanks to Deer & Deer Hunting fan Brian Gilson for sharing this video with us!


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