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Dan Schmidt: 5 Best Bucks of the Week


By Daniel E. Schmidt

A look at the photos that are making news this week in the whitetail world.

Welcome to October, and welcome to some serious big-buck action!

If you’ve paid attention at all this past week, you would have noticed how many big deer are hitting the ground. What we’ve been seeing here at Deer & Deer Hunting is nothing short of incredible.

There are a lot more where these came from, but here are just a few of the monster bucks that have showed up on our social media timelines since last week:

Illinois giant buck


1. Illinois nontypical.

This giant buck was killed by a bowhunter this past week, we’ve been told. We haven’t been able to find out his name, or exactly where he killed it yet, but … wow … what a buck!



Kamryn Vogel  Iowa buck


2. Iowa brute. Little Kamyrn Vogel shot this giant nontypical while hunting with her dad, Josh, on a youth hunt in Iowa.

Kamyrn is only 10 years old, but she managed to keep it together when the giant buck appeared and began feeding in an Eagle Seed soybean field her and her dad were watching.

The giant whitetail gross-scored 206 inches. Way to go, Kamyrn!



Bullets and Broadheads



3. Tall and almost perfect. This incredible typical was killed by the boys over at Bullets and Broadheads TV.

We don’t have any more information on this deer yet, but check out their Facebook page for more photos of this breath-taking buck. The deer was shot over Acorn Rage.


Ohio monster buck


4. An Ohio monster. We are told that the happy hunter in this next photo is Buck Owen from Ohio.

According to the ABB Premium Strings Facebook page, Buck shot this free-ranging whitetail after dedicating himself to hunting solely for this deer this season. It is one of the biggest deer we’ve seen yet!



Wyoming deer


5. Unique drop-tine dandy. Mike Schmid of Intrepid Outdoors posted this photo on his Facebook page along with this comment, “It was a great week of deer hunting. Took an incredible Whitetail buck at the Solitude Ranch at the end of the season.”

Big-time congrats to the hunter. What a wonderful whitetail!