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Dan’s Report for 11/26

Just returned from a week-long vacation deer hunt here in Wisconsin (our annual
gun season).

The conditions were near perfect, with morning temperatures in the high 20s/ low 30s
and daytime highs just cresting 40. A rather slow opening morning turned into one
to remember very quickly.

Situated high in a red oak, I was scanning a clearing when the sound of crunching
leaves caught my attention at about 7 a.m. I look up and spied a mature doe sprinting
wildly through the woods. She stopped every 10 yards or so to urinate and check her
back trail. That’s when I noticed a second deer! I could almost immediately see his
antlers when he was still 100 yards out. The buck closed so fast that I merely confirmed
he was mature before getting ready for a possible shot. That didn’t take long. I would
like to say that the hunt ended that quickly, but it didn’t. At the shot, the buck
ran out of sight and crossed a property line. However, all is well that ends well.
The kind property owner graciously allowed me and my hunting party to enter his land
to trail my deer. We found the deer within 75 yards of the property line.

The 13-pointer features 11-inch G-2s and G-3s, 6- and 9-inch brow tines and three
2-inch stickers at the bases. He grosses in the high 150s.

The rut was still in full swing in our area, with mature bucks actively pursuing does.
It appears that the D&DH Calendar predictions were about as dead-on as could be
expected. Lots of season to go! I will be heading to Kansas next … after trying
to fill a few more doe tags here at home, of course!

–Dan Schmidt


One thought on “Dan’s Report for 11/26

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Wow, he almost comes completely around and touches at the tips of his mains. Rare somewhat. I think that helps in lowering deductions, does it not? Do wish to share what day or which county this brute was taken in Dan. Do you know how old and what kind of poundage he comes out as being as well? Just wondering!

    DomPosted by: Dominick Cianfarani

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