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Dan’s Report for 11/5

Dan’s report for 11/05:

It’s official: The rut is rolling! Reports from DDH readers from across the Midwest,
North and East has confirmed what Charlie Alsheimer predicted in this year’s calendar:
peak seeking and chasing have led to some incredible activity over the past week.
All indications are that the rut will peak in these areas later this week or early
next week.

Many stories to share, but I will have to limit today’s entry to my incredible morning
from my vacation day last Thursday. Got in the stand about an hour before first light,
then waited until first light to conduct a rattling sequence. A deer immediately responded,
but it got downwind of me and started blowing. I could not see what it was (buck or
doe), but I immediately blew back at it with my mouth (whoosh!). This calmed the deer
down, and it eventually walked off. At about 8 a.m., I reached for my estrous bleat
call (Woods Wise Hot Mama) and let out a sequence of three bleats. Within seconds,
I saw movement about 200 yards away in the woods. It was a buck, and he was making
a bee-line for my stand. I’m not sure if he heard my earlier rattling or what, but
he approached my tree with his ears back and in a sidling posture.

The shot was abo9ut 18 yards, and the arrow hit right where I aimed. Still unsure
of the hit, I backed out and waited two hours. My wife, Tracy, came back with me,
and she helped me unravel the short blood trail. The 8-pointer sports a 17-inch spread
and he weighed 188# field dressed. What a great day in the woods!

OK, one more note from this weekend… on Sunday morning I was standing on my front
porch talking on my cell phone with DDH designer Al West, when out of the corner of
my eye I noticed movement. Lo and behold, there is a mature doe and a 10-point buck
standing in my yard not 15 yards away from me. They paid no attention. The buck nosed
the doe farther into my yard and then, he breeds her right on the spot. To say the
rut makes bucks less bashful is quite the understatement!

Picture: Dan’s buck from 11/1.