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Dan’s Report for 12/12/07

Mark this one down as the new whitetail Internet wonder. Photos of this buck have
been floating around the Web for at least three or four years. I just received it
four times in the past week. Someone must have resurrected it and the chain of emails
is being passed around once again. The mythical “412-pound buck” made the rounds recently,
with the new tag-line of it being killed in northern Michigan. Although we cannot
verify the location of this kill, we are certain that this buck did not weigh that
much. The location of the wound, intestinal area, seems to indicate that this buck
was recovered after suffering from a gastric condition for some time. This condition
occurs when a deer is wounded and survives for several days (sometimes weeks). The
condition causes a slow leak in the gastro-intestinal system and, hence, causes bloating
of the stomach/chest chambers, and, sometimes, a bloating of the skin surfaces. This
gives the appearance of a large body when, in fact, the deer is of normal size. I
have seen similar cases over the years, including one Nebraska buck that ballooned
so large that its head was absolutely dwarfed by its swollen neck.
–Dan Schmidt


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  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Can you say for sure that this is what happened to this beautiful animal???Obviously a gut shot animal but maybe it was recovered within hours????Posted by: Don Briggs

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