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Dan’s Report for 12/5

D&DH-TV Producer Chris Hermans and I just returned from a hunt at Prairie
Wings Outfitters in north-central Kansas with Tim Herald of Under Armour and Bill
Mitchell of Nikon Sport Optics.

This was my first trip to Kansas, and I finally got to experience first-hand what
D&DH subscribers have been telling me for years: It’s always windy in Kansas!
I also witnessed that wind does not affect deer in this environment as it does elsewhere.
Deer are used to the wind … so much so that they move around their habitat much
like deer would here in the Midwest — even when it’s blowing 25 mph or more.

We scored on a very nice 8-pointer during an afternoon hunt that saw us hunting out
of a haybale blind overlooking an alfalfa field. The tending phase of the rut was
in high gear, and we witnessed that when the buck came out of a nearby river-bottom
hot on the heels of an estrous doe. One shot from my 7 mm Mag dropped the buck in
his tracks at just over 100 yards.

Chris caught all of the exciting action on video, which will be featured in an upcoming
epsiode of D&DH-TV for 2008. Check this blog for more details in the coming months.

We still have some hunting left to do here in WI, and the entire D&DH staff will
be in Alabama for a hunt for the Southern rut in mid-January.

–Dan Schmidt