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Dan’s Report for 9/21

Our bow season is already a week old here in Wisconsin, and it has been very
slow. Our temperatures have been consistently in the mid- to upper 70s, and
night-time lows have only dipped into the 50s. My deer sightings on stand
have been sparse. However, I did manage to take the early season edge off by
harvesting a plump 2.5-year-old doe on Saturday. This is the first year I
have shot an expandable broadhead in more than six years. On this hunt, I am
glad I did. I was using a 2-blade Rage that I had honed its blades to a
razor-sharp edge before the hunt. The doe only went 80 yards before expiring
… testament to the sharp broadhead and its 2+ inch cutting diameter.

Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor

One thought on “Dan’s Report for 9/21

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Congrats Dan on your nice doe. The opener in Indiana is next week and I am worried about the eighty degree temps still hanging around then. Hopefully, though, it will have cooled off.

    Great job on your early season success.Posted by: Darren Johnson

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