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Dan’s Report For The Week

Dan’s report for the week of 10/9:

The hunt:

The cold front finally made it to our neck of the woods on Monday. It went from blasted
hot (80s) this past weekend to a much more deer hunting friendly low 40s this morning.
Many reports from other staffers that deer are up and on their feet, but I wouldn’t
have known it. Have only seen a handful of deer during my short morning vigils. Bucks
are starting to be more active, however, as rubs and scrapes are showing up in much
more frequency. I just have a hunch that this year’s rut is going to be one of those
classic “throw the lightswitch on” type deals.

Big Bucks:

If you’ve been following the 2007 Big Buck Honor Roll link on the home page, you will
notice that several more whoppers have hit the ground. I will be adding one shortly
of a mystery buck that someone emailed to me in a long chain this morning. No details
on the hunt or location, but check it out …it is a very unique 32-pointer. I suspect
it was shot here in Wisconsin, but I’m not positive quite yet. I do know that it was
taken last week with bow and arrow.

Special Offers:

On the magazine front, we just put the finishing touches on a special 30th anniversary
issue of D&DH. This will mail in about 3 weeks. It will also be available on newsstands.
Some more exciting news is that we will be offering a limited edition print for the
anniversary. And we are also unveiling a program where you can buy an entire year’s
worth of magazine on compact disc. this allows you to keep a library of D&DH articles
on PDF form on your computer. Very handy for referencing all of your favorite articles.
These items and more (including copies of the TV show) can be ordered already on our
“Stuff Store.” Check out the link at the top of the home page.