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D&DH Rewind: Deer Camp Camaraderie

I sure miss deer hunting’s good, old days. If you live in the South, or you’re a Northerner older than 40, you most likely know what I’m talking about: Deer camp. I’m talking real, live deer camp. The experience that cleanses the mind, refreshes your soul, gives you some good belly laughs to strip away the stressors of everyday life.

DDH Founders and writers

The DDH founders knew what deer camp was all about: Sharing good times and learning more about the whitetail. Here, the magazine’s field editors and staff share a bowhunt in the mid-1980s in northern Wisconsin. From left: contributor Charles Alsheimer, staff member Randall Schwalbach, contributor Kent Horner, Founder Al Hofacker and contributor Richard Smith.

Although we’ve been seriously focussed on the finer points of deer and deer hunting here for almost 40 years, we also haven’t forgotten about what deer camp is all about. This photo is a prime example of how grown men can come together for a few days in fall and share that meaningful camaraderie that only deer camp can provide. Those moments transcend the hunt.

Although my favorite deer camp moments are memories of hunts with family and friends in the remote North Woods, I have also experienced fond hunts in overlooked deer destinations such as Florida, southern Alabama and western Missouri. The terrain might have been different, but the company is what made the difference. These memories are worth way more to me than the biggest buck in the woods. That’s not bawdy talk. I truly mean it.

How about you? What is your favorite deer camp memory? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Click the “reply” button below and share your thoughts.


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3 thoughts on “D&DH Rewind: Deer Camp Camaraderie

  1. Sal Whitman

    It’s funny to even say this, but my favorite memory is gutting out the first deer I had ever killed. I practiced dressing out deer on other people’s deer, but had never killed one before myself. When I finally got to that point, it was so cool. I was finally gutting out MY deer!

  2. Hunting in My Blood

    My favorite memories arejust hangin’ out with the other hunters in camp after dark, just BSing about what we saw that day. Always lots of jokes were cracked about this thing or that thing. It’s that comradery.

    Need proof? I only shot two deer in the last 10 years. I keep coming back though every season.

  3. Jim Finnegan

    Catskill Mountains NY. Margaretville 2008. I was hunting in a remote area with my Dad and brother and I killed a beautiful back woods 8 pointer. After loading up the deer in the truck we began the 45 minute drive back to the camp in Jones Hollow. Along the way we passed an area with cell phone reception and phones ahead to "brag" about what we were bringing back to camp. My friend Billy answered and told me about his big doe he had killed. (I have killed plenty of big bucks and Billy has not killed that many deer.) I was more excited about Billy’s deer that I did not want to spoil his moment. His successful hunt was more important than mine. I was so happy for him.

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