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Father & Son Double Down on Bucks in 4 Minutes!

Big buck

Wisconsin’s Kris Krueger shot his buck at 12:20 p.m. on Sunday. The gunshot barely finished echoing when his son got in on the action. (photo courtesy of Kris Krueger)

Here’s the feel-good story of my deer season so far.

Our friend Kris Krueger was hunting in central Wisconsin with his son, Kolden, last weekend when they’re deer hunting dreams were realized before they knew what even happened.

Kris writes:

“Kolden got his deer 4 minutes after I just shot another buck standing in the same spot! I was texting my mom that I had just shot a buck, and Kolden was still watching for deer. I wasn’t even paying attention. I saw him raise the .30-30, then I turned my head to see what he was aiming at.

“Just as I saw the back half of the deer, he shot and the deer dropped where it stood! ‘WOW!’ I said. ‘Wow, was it a doe?’

“He said, ‘Nope, a buck!’ I said, ‘Really?!’ He was smiling and said, ‘Yep!’

Big buck from Wisconsin

Sitting with his dad and scanning the woods for deer, Kolden Krueger spied this buck as it appeared just minutes after Kolden’s dad shot an 8-pointer. Kolden dropped the buck with one shot from their shared Winchester Model 94. (photo courtesy of Kris Krueger)

“I told Kolden he made a good shot, then hugged him. That was at 12:20 and 12:24pm Sunday. They were the first deer we had seen that day. A doe followed by two bucks. Father and son getting a deer together 4 minutes apart and the deer standing in the same spot, which they were cause the tracks verified it! And we used the same gun. A Winchester Model 94 with open sights. We both had heart/lung shots. My buck only went 20 feet and Kolden’s dropped right there.  I don’t think it could get anymore exciting or special than that! ”

I would say, Kris! That is awesome. A hearty backstrap salute to the Krueger clan. There will be fresh venison in camp this week.

— What’s your success story from this year’s hunt? We want to hear from you and see your photos. Post them on the forum at www.deerandderhunting.com, and we might feature them here. Let the good times … and stories … start rolling!