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Whitetail Wisdom: Hunter’s First Bow Buck is Giant 15-Pointer

How’s this for a Throwback Thursday video in the Whitetail Wisdom blog? This lucky hunter had just learned how to shoot a bow and arrow about a month before heading to the whitetail woods.

Jeff Weber of Fon du Lac, Wis., had only been shooting a bow for a few weeks, but he became proficient enough to have the confidence necessary for taking a short-range shot during the Wisconsin archery season in 2011. His chance at a deer came in early October.

And what a chance it was! Weber was positioned in a stand on his 30-acre hunting property near Pipe, Wis., when this 15-point buck appeared in a field about 300 yards away. He didn’t score on the deer that evening, but the determined hunter used trail-camera observations and sound tactics (letting the area “rest” for 10 days before going hunting again) to eventually pick the right day, time and stand location.

It all came together on Oct. 5 when the buck again appeared — this time only 150 yards from Weber’s stand — and eventually walked into bow range. Weber sealed the deal with a broadside shot at 30 yards.

As mentioned in the video, this was the first time Weber had ever brought his Mathews bow to full draw on an animal of any kind. What a story, and what a deer!


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