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GRAPHIC: Wolf Video Shows Big Buck’s Cruel Death

Be warned before you click on this wolf video. It shows a big, mature white-tailed buck being killed slowly. It might be graphic, but I think it’s something every hunter, anti-hunter, wolf lover and/or conservationist should watch.

Don’t read this wrong, and don’t view the wolf video with blinders on your eyes. Wolves have their place in North America. Aldo Leopold taught us that decades ago. However, the wolf’s mystique of a “conscientious predator” is nothing but a fabricated homogenized lie spun by out-of-touch urbanites and tree huggers. It is a wild, unapologetic, cold-blooded killer.

Think deer would be better off to die at the hands of wolves than from the broadheads and bullets from human hunters? Think again. No hunter I know would ever sit by idly and eat a deer alive as is the case in this stunning wolf video from Alberta.

I can hear the arguments now … “the people in the truck should have scared those wolves away!”

Yeah, sure they should have. This is just another day in the real world.

The average adult wolf can kill and consume about 25 deer per year. They certainly are a key predator to whitetail population control. However, wolves must be balanced with the landscape. In some states, small localized populations are acceptable. In other states, they must be managed aggressively to help offset not only deer management goals but potential conflicts the wolves can have on humans, livestock and pets.

It is imperative to management wolves in North America. (photo courtesy of Pat Reeve)

It is imperative to management wolves in North America. (photo courtesy of Pat Reeve)

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