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How to Make a Deer Mineral Site


how to make a deer mineral site

Deer mineral licks help improve herd health and increased antler growth.

Don’t put it off anymore: Now is the perfect time to establish deer mineral licks on your hunting property.

Few things are more rewarding to hunters and landowners than creating something beneficial for wildlife, and that includes adding mineral licks to your property.

Minerals are necessary for whitetail deer health. Along with normal bodily functions, minerals are important for antler development in bucks during summer months. For does, they’re no doubt a vital need during the reproductive process for fetal development and lactation.

Throwing out some mineral blocks or granulated formula and expecting deer to show up for a party isn’t a good idea, though. It takes a bit of planning to ensure not only that deer will find the minerals but also use them regularly. It’s frustrating to discover that an area in which you’ve seen deer and believe will be a good spot for a mineral lick is little more than a deer’s wandering pass-through area.

Locate travel routes that are used regularly and have some cover nearby. Trails through thick woods or brush are good starting points. If you find a good trail near a water source, this might be a prime location for a mineral lick.

Dig a shallow hole and loosen the soil before adding your minerals. Mix the minerals and dirt well in the depression, and then add a little molasses for a sweetener. Many hunters will find an old rotted stump near trails and use that for their man-made  lick.

Be sure to check all state regulations before creating any mineral licks or supplemental areas you may want to hunt near.

If you’re good to go, especially if you act now, you can create your own deer mineral lick recipe for success. Let’s face it, if you want bigger deer and better deer hunting, you need to provide them with everything they need on the property you hunt.


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4 thoughts on “How to Make a Deer Mineral Site

  1. Sailfish

    I’ve read that there is great success in captivity with mineral.
    Its outside the fence that its difficult to validate (but one would/could conclude there would have to be a benefit, just how much is the question).

  2. ToxicAvenger

    No mineral study has proven to grow bigger antlers… directly. Macro minerals like calcium and potassium may or may not help. What is know is that trace minerals do help promote healthy deer. Does and fawns in the spring utilize them. Bucks do as well. And a healthier overall deer will produce antler to maximum potential.

    Beyond that, deer LOVE mineral sites, and they can be made better than just using salt with additional flavors and attractants. You can keep deer coming to your property and with some products, bring them from further away. A mineral site is more persistent than feed, lasts longer and attracts deer all year round. A good mineral product is worth its weight in gold.

    I recommend Lucky 7 Trace Mineral Attractant from Nelson Creek Outdoors.

  3. stanlh

    I have read that several studies done by reputable sources indicate that providing minerals to deer has shown no effect on antler growth. Can you comment on this?

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