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Like Mother, Like Son: Hunting is in Their Blood

Ian Sherman with his does, joining in the family hunting tradition.

Here’s a feel-good story for the week.

Here in the Midwest, our October weather has played tricks on us bowhunters who have been hoping for the classic cool days and near-frost nights. We’ve been teased with some lows in the upper 40s, but mostly the days have been in the mid 70s with lots of rain. Mature buck activity, per our trail cameras, has been limited to the cover of darkness.

The weather didn’t stop the central Wisconsin duo of Holly Sherman and her son, Ian, from filling the family’s freezers in back-to-back sits. That’s right, four deer in two days! Talk about deer hunting efficiency.

Holly Sherman with a pair of does that fell to her bow and arrow skills.

Holly was first up. She grabbed her bow and headed for the deer woods on Friday afternoon. As the evening progressed, she had numerous deer appear and work their way toward her ambush location. Shooting 32 pounds of draw weight is not a concern for Holly, as she is a very skilled shot and a student of deer anatomy. Two well-placed arrows dropped these two “swamp donkeys” within mere yards of each other.

Next up, young Ian. He took to the field the next day for the state’s special youth/mentor deer hunt. Ian was hunting with his dad and toting a .243 when he had a near duplicate experience. Two well-placed shots helped Ian punch his two does tags. The entire family celebrated with the blood-trailing efforts and bringing the does back home for quick processing.

Congrats to both Holly and Ian on their back-to-back “two-fers!”

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