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Ohio Deer Hunter Might Have the Coolest Spouse Ever

OK, guys and gals: Brace yourself for one of the craziest photos and coolest stories we’ve seen in a while.

Deer & Deer Hunting fan Jarad Martin sent us this photo of his buddy Mike Behrmann back in 2014 and we ran across it recently looking for some other deer hunting items:


Jarad informed us that his buddy shot the monster 28-pointer in Ohio and that it will score 180+ inches. WOW! Right?

While responding with my congrats, I couldn’t help but ask the obvious question: What’s the deal with the buck in the house by the Christmas tree? LOL!

Jarad replied:

“LOL. It was dark by time he got home an his wife knew it was a buck of a life time so she said bring it in to get pictures.”

Beyond cool, and what a Christmas present!

What’s more, I don’t think Mike can relate — at all — to our tongue-in-cheek Facebook post from earlier this week!




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