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The Best Sights of Deer Season

 This buck greets venison processing customers of Stone Ridge Meats in Wautoma, Wisconsin.

My favorite sights this time of year: blaze-orange clothing hanging from washlines; a pickup truck parked near a cornfield; and any of the "Welcome Deer Hunters" signs posted at convenience stores, truck stops, etc.

It’s good therapy. Doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in, a sight like this puts a calming effect on all of my daily stressors. It’s deer season! Embrace it. Enjoy it. Get out there and inhale it. It only comes once a year!

Here’s a challenge for all you "Whitetail Wisdom" blog readers: Send me your favorite photo of what screams "deer season" in your area. Can you top this butcher-store deer? Email your pics to me here at the office, and I’ll pick a few winners and award some prizes! Send the photos to:  dan.schmidt@fwmedia.com. We will post all of the photos online and announce the winners on this blog.