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The Deer Herd is ‘Way Down.’ Is it … Really?

photo courtesy of WISDNR

by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

Never before have I heard it stated so succinctly : β€œThe herd numbers are down,”
is a phrase I have heard far too often in my home state of Pennsylvania. Those five
words can tell us a lot about a hunter or landowner. Someone who sports a tone of
defeat, anger or disappointment typically lives in an area in which the habitat has
been destroyed by overabundant deer herds over the past few decades β€” Jeremy
Flinn, wildlife biologist.

This excerpt is from an excellent article Jeremy wrote about deer herd dynamics and
herd management for our special Summer Issue of D&DH. This issue will hit newsstands
next month. To get this issue as the first copy in your subscription, clickHERE.

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