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Video: Deer Hunting ‘Trespasser’ Blasted with Paint Bomb

We’ve heard of using trail cameras to catch trespassers “in the act,” but we’ve never seen anything quite like this YouTube® video. We’re not sure where the truth lies in this matter, but if this deer hunter really was trespassing on the land, he sure got more than he bargained for.

This incident allegedly occurred in eastern Pennsylvania during the early hours of the opening day of the gun-deer season in 2013.

What are your thoughts? Was this ruse justified, or did the landowner take things a bit too far with the booby-trap? Enter your comments by hitting the reply button at the bottom of this post.


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33 thoughts on “Video: Deer Hunting ‘Trespasser’ Blasted with Paint Bomb

  1. Lon

    OK, I lost the original page for this, but I’ve read some of the comments… Am I misunderstanding??? If i own the property & tell u that u cant hunt on MY property, but u hunted there before u are legally allowed to?
    Here is my thoughts. If its my property & I tell u to get off & dont hunt on it & u ignore me than I am totally within my rights to do what the guy did. Its real simple. It wouldnt happen to u UNLESS u were on my property & u told not to be. Hell, its my property if I wanna set Rambo traps I have the right. Stay off my property & u wont get hurt or painted!!!

  2. venison

    I deal with this every year . I’m sick of it. No means no. I don’t give a shit how long you been going there. I own it, you don’t . I hunt it and you can’t . End of story. Get off, stay off, and never come back. He should be fined and license revoked. Period. Caught again. Thrown in jail, and fined !
    This trespasser knew what he was doing by the statements he made. He purposely broke the law.
    Why ,because he feels entitled.

    1. Craigo

      You don’t care how long he has been hunting there, but the law does. The law trumps our feelings. Deal with it.

  3. Sid315

    I feel bad for all you people, I live is Massachusetts I have been hunting in Pennsylvania for the last 32years. I have never seen people take trespassing so serious. If this gentleman has been doing this for years without permission then get law enforcement involved, the PA Game Commission I’m sure would be helpful. All you people are saying that the bomb was a great idea. I would be willing to bet that if that was your father or grandfather and he happened to die from a heart attack the bomb wouldn’t be all that funny would it, you’d be looking for the best attorney to sue and take the mans property.

    On another note like I said I’ve been hunting Pennsylvania for 32 years. I have a lot of family in Pennsylvania. Over the past 32 years more and more people are posting their property. And now I know why they feels the deer on their property belong to them. My personal opinion is if a piece of poverty is posted, then that should go for everyone even the owner. I feel it is wrong for someone to post any where for 100–500 acres so that they alone can hunt the property. That kind kills the deer management concept.

    Good luck to all with the whole trespassing thing, that’s good put all the other major crimes aside during deer season and let’s crack down on the trespassers.

  4. Craigo

    Sorry pal, similar Prescriptive Easements happen all the time. Don’t get on me if you don’t like the law. Talk to your congressmen.

  5. Craigo

    Apparently everyone here is posting their emotions instead of facts. If this man has been hunting there every year for at least 20 years (15 in some states, 10 in others), he is entitled to continue. If the owner sued, the owner would lose, and the judge would grant the man continued access. It’s called Prescriptive Easement which is part of the Adverse Possession law. I didn’t make this crap up.

    1. hntnfsh00

      You have bent the Prescriptive Easement Law pretty far there, and I think would have a hard sell on that interpretation in open court. Hunting a property a week or so a year for 20 years does NOT grandfather you in eternally!
      Now if the facts of this case are the hunter was just traversing over a small piece or road to get to his own property, you may have a case. Without knowing all the facts here it would be impossible to comment further.
      Oh and from the video, I would NEVER have posted that. There are way better ways to handle the situation.

      1. Craigo

        Sorry pal, similar Prescriptive Easements happen all the time. Don’t get on me if you don’t like the law. Talk to your congressmen.

    2. lrd47

      That’s bull….,Its trespassing he doesn’t own it, if he wants to hunt the property let him pay the taxes,have the common decency to ask permission to hunt.

      1. Craigo

        Sorry but the law does not consider your feelings. I have a neighbor farming part of my land. I pay taxes on it and he farms it, whether I like it or not. Appealing the decision would yield the same results. It’s all about history over the past decades, not how you feel about anything. I felt the same way as you, but the difference between us is that I have learned, and you simply have some learning to do.

  6. LHTwist

    Initially it seemed a little extreme, perhaps needing an explanation. After reading the designer’s comments about the persistence of this offender, I totally agree – he deserved this and more. I’ve faced this same type of abuser who thought nothing of the landowner’s wishes, wish I’d had access to such a paint bomb.

    I’m curious about which direction he walked once he was done wiping his hands.

  7. okebllrdr

    if this was my land I would have him prosecuted to the full extent of the law. just cause he is older doesn’t make it any different if it is a 16 yr old kid. To me trespassing is on the same level as poaching. cause you are taking away animals from the people who own and tend the land. I personally love busting trespassers and letting them get their guns and cars taken. I’ve just had too many good bucks killed off my land and their heads cut off.

  8. Tooljunkie

    Hunter? I don’t see a hunter. I see a trespasser and poacher. If he does not have permission to be there, he’s poaching. I applaud the guy who did this. He probably has had more than one run-in with these trespassing poachers. Too bad we live in a world where people think they are entitled to whatever they want and have no respect for others.

  9. Nidan

    Just because of his age many will be outraged, but we had a guy in my club that was 73 and finally got booted. broke all the rules because he thought he had a right to. some people regardless of rules don’t care. this is why many farm ponds and hunting areas that are privately owned you can’t get permission from the landowner anymore. I remember when most pond and land owners would give you access. I treated those places as if I were the landowner. eventually others messed those places up by leaving trash or taking all the fish instead of catch and release and the landowners shut everybody out. The guy probably could have met the landowner and told him his story and gained legal access. Why wouldn’t you let an elderly hunter hunt if he is ethical? we need all the hunters we can get.

  10. ADKhunter72

    First off, ben44 is an idiot and obviously doesn’t have a clue. And I agree the paint bomb should have had some foul scent included. The guy definitely got what he deserved. Next time the land owner should press charges.

  11. Nidan

    Hey he got off lightly. We all have known those honey holes we wanted to go to that were private, but without permission it is plain unethical hunting. The owner may hunt also and may have been watching the buck he wanted to for months. Lesson learned for this guy. now he knows he is being watched. I have hunted PA’s opening week from out of state it is a crazy week for sure.

  12. Legion

    He should have put the same marker paint they use money bundles during bank heists and added a skunk scent gland to it. That would be a lasting impression that soap couldn’t take off.

  13. lrd47

    I’m the one who did this to this idiot,I’ve owned the land for 6yrs.he’s been hunting on my land every year,I tell him every year he is trespassing,he refuses to leave and tells me he’s been hunting here his whole life.My land is posted and I even have signs trespassers will be painted,and patrolled by Sherwin Williams,maybe the jerk can’t read and if thats the case he shouldn’t be hunting.Don’t think I will see him next year. lol………………

    1. Craigo

      You know nothing about the law. If you had given him permission at first, you may now have a fighting chance. But since you denied him permission, now you have no chance to get rid of him and if he sued you he would win. The law is the law, pal.

      1. lrd47

        he never had permission , doesn’t own the land doesn’t pay the land owners taxes, never asked for permission to hunt. he flat out refuses to leave when he was told he was trespassing, i sounds like your one of the guys that hunts on public land. good place for you why dont you go back there and keep your mouth shut

        1. Craigo

          That’s the point. He never had permission. He cannot gain a prescriptive easement to do in the future what he’s been doing for decades if he had permission. Study the law!

  14. Cburritt

    He absolutely got what he deserved. Stay off of land you do not have permission to hunt! I have had problems with trespassers stealing tree stands and taking deer.

  15. ben44

    Wow, what an absolutely stupid move. Suppose the sound of that explosion put the trespasser into cardiac arrest? So deer hunters can become judge, jury and executioners now? Come on………………….I think there is a better way to go about this.

    1. mooseguy8

      Really your worried about a heart attack from a loud noise? lmao he is OUT HUNTING what kind of noise do you think his gun makes? More importantly if he is trespassing he is lucky its paint and a possible heart attack , rather take those chances than a bullet to the body, which would be legal as well in most states. armed man on your property, one shot to drop him dead. the paint is a clear message, oh those things are a lot louder on camera than in real life too. Its more of a hollow loudness in person.

    2. Pooh0607

      Seriously Ben44?? I guess if I tie a string close to the floor, about two feet inside my front door because someone keeps breaking in my house, and you break in, trip over the string, have a heart attack or break a bone, I’m the stupid one huh? Maybe you need to read up on “Criminal Trespassing” It’s a law, one that so many do not think applies to them. Sad news .and good job for that land owner. I would have made sure it was RED PAINT… to really scare him!! Oh… and a louder BOOM… Wasn’t much to that little snap.. Lol Lol Lol

      1. Craigo

        Not enough details. Has he been entering your house with a pattern annually for decades? If so, he has the right to continue. The law is the law.

    3. Caboose1225

      As a trespasser, he doesn’t belong there in the first place, and if he keels over, so be it. Private property is PRIVATE PROPERTY. I’m not familiar with the laws of Pennsylvania, but there’s plenty of states where the landowner could’ve shot that guy. He’s carrying a loaded weapon on private land without the consent of the landowner. The fact that he’s hunting doesn’t make that cool. There could be kids playing out in the woods.
      Paint bomb: justified.

  16. vthntr33

    For a landowner to go to this extreme it is obviously not an isolated incident, and the obvious posted sign shows this person not paying any attention whatsoever to it. If this hunter hasn’t enough common courtesy to ask the landowner to hunt there, or the common sense to obey the posted sign, he deserves all the paint he gets, maybe the landowner can tell everyone why the hunter was \painted\.

  17. arpy00

    Good…and bad. Good- a clear message to the trespasser that clearly is ignoring the No Trespassing sign. Bad…. if he were to get hurt or even worse keel over with a heart attack. My wish is that trespassing laws were more severe. How many trespassers would trespass if they were to have their hunting privileges revoked for a year? I know you have to catch them first….but if the penalty is stiff enough (and enforced)..maybe the word would get out.

  18. rthomas4

    Love it!!!!!!!!!! I’d like to know how it was set up and activated, and if it was used as evidence in the prosecution of the trespasser!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. fractureman

    Funny!! If your going to trespass you deserve what ever your going to get especially if this is happening over and over again!!

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