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Why to Vote Against Mandatory Antler Restrictions

spike buck

I just got this note and photo from my friend Ed Waite, a long-time certified antler measurer. Ed measures hundreds (if not more) antlers a year, and is well known for his love of big whitetail racks.

Ed writes:

“This is the last buck I scored during the Central PA Outdoor & Sports Show in Clearfield, PA last weekend. It was taken by 11 year old Eric Myers. He was as proud as a peacock and excited beyond words when I told him I would be happy to measure it for him. I also gave him a certificate to prove that it had indeed been scored by a certified Buckmasters Scorer. Then my friend Ken of Ken’s Skull Taxidermy took it home and mounted it for him!”

Scientific research has shown no correlation between mandatory antler restrictions and the health of any whitetail herd. As hunters and conservations, we should embrace science-based deer management regulations and not support silly rules that would prevent hunters like 11-year-old Eric from securing life-long memories.

In case you were wondering, Ed reports that Eric’s buck had an official score of 25-5/8 inches.

Love it.